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Casino Dress Codes

Not too long ago, a trip to the casino meant picking out your best suit and dressing up for the occasion. Even a trip to the movies or a theatre play demanded a certain respectable attire. Today all of that has changed. Movie theatres, shopping malls, and even land-based casinos are filled with players wearing … Read more Casino Dress Codes

The History of Baccarat

There really is no casino game that says high roller quite like baccarat does. It’s a conundrum that many have tried to unravel. Compared with many games in casinos baccarat is no more complex or tough to understand that any other, so it has been a mystery to many why it’s so popular with those … Read more The History of Baccarat

The Biggest Cheats in Casino History

Many casinos have learned the hard way that, no matter the game or how results are produced, determined cheaters can beat the system and make millions. Whether it’s counting cards, tricks with chips, cracking software codes, or analysing game results, countless methods have been used, and some very successfully indeed. History’s biggest casino cheats weren’t … Read more The Biggest Cheats in Casino History

Microgaming Developing Tarzan Slot

Microgaming, the online casino software developer that has been in operation since the mid 1990’s , has announced that it has negotiated exclusive rights to the Tarzan franchise for online slots. This came in the form of the signing of a licensing agreement, which was brokered by Creative Licensing Corporation. In this agreement, Microgaming signed … Read more Microgaming Developing Tarzan Slot

Hunting History with Tomb Raider

It’s hard to believe that Lara Croft has been crawling, swinging, jumping, diving and running her way through the world’s most dangerous archaeological digs for twenty years. It was all the way back in 1993 that development on the original Tomb Raider game began. After three long years of development, Core Design released the very … Read more Hunting History with Tomb Raider