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The Evolution of Slot Machines

More than a century’s worth of gaming action, tradition, and innovation is packed into the reels of the online slots that you can play at Casino Época. The timeline of how slots evolved is as exciting and as colourful as the games themselves. Find out more about the popular games and how they went from … Read more The Evolution of Slot Machines

What to Pack for Las Vegas

Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and while Casino Época provides you with a great online casino experience, there is nothing quite like visiting Sin City. The bright lights, vibrant nightlife, themed hotels and 24 hour casinos make Vegas the entertainment hub of the world. If you’re planning on taking a trip to … Read more What to Pack for Las Vegas

Is Online Gambling Your Best Bet?

While land-based casinos have enjoyed a loyal following, online gambling is showing major growth, year-on-year. What are the trends? Which gender plays more? And which form of online betting shows the biggest increase? We answer all these pertinent questions and more in our informative infographic below. Should you pay attention to the numbers? Wherever there’s … Read more Is Online Gambling Your Best Bet?

Casino Jargon You Need to Know

Bright, colourful, and sometimes confusing, casino jargon is used by players all over the world. If you play casino games, you’re bound to come across it at some point. We’ve put together a handy glossary so you don’t need to feel left out when you hear various words and phrases used by dealers and other … Read more Casino Jargon You Need to Know

Casino Dress Codes

Not too long ago, a trip to the casino meant picking out your best suit and dressing up for the occasion. Even a trip to the movies or a theatre play demanded a certain respectable attire. Today all of that has changed. Movie theatres, shopping malls, and even land-based casinos are filled with players wearing … Read more Casino Dress Codes

The History of Baccarat

There really is no casino game that says high roller quite like baccarat does. It’s a conundrum that many have tried to unravel. Compared with many games in casinos baccarat is no more complex or tough to understand that any other, so it has been a mystery to many why it’s so popular with those … Read more The History of Baccarat