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Productivity: How To Do More, Better

The truth is, being optimally productive isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We all need different things to get us into the zone, so to speak. For some, it’s all about sitting down and remaining focused on the task at hand. Others prefer taking regular breaks or intervals. Whatever your own personal preference may be, there … Read More

Superstition and Gambling

Superstition is in many ways, ingrained in our very beings. Whether we’re constantly avoiding stepping on pavement cracks or just a little bit more careful on certain Fridays than on others, most of us have had a brush with superstitious behaviour. Many gamblers, especially, have pet habits believed to be the workers of lucky magic. … Read More

Ocean’s 8: A Female Ocean’s 11 and So Much More

Ocean’s 8 is among the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year, and will premier in the United States and the United Kingdom in June 2018. The stellar cast includes Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter. Bullock stars as Debbie Ocean, Danny Ocean’s estranged sister, … Read More

Micro-Cheating: What You Need to Know

The phrase “micro-cheating” was first used in 2004, but when an article on the subject went viral in January 2018, it came to the world’s attention. So what is it, do you need to be worried about it, and should you be doing anything? What is Micro-Cheating? Psychologist Melanie Schillig defines micro-cheating as a series … Read More

Women in Computing – A Tech Trend Not Talked About

The current stereotype of a computer programmer or engineer is a young man, but this was hardly always the case. Initially, computer programming was felt to be a menial task of simply performing pre-determined calculations, and was considered women’s work. Nowadays, the tech world is completely different to what it was several decades back, and … Read More

Awesome iPhone Hacks

One of the main selling points of an iPhone is that it can do just about everything you will ever need, straight out of the box. There is no need to download additional apps, debug or tweak the settings to improve the performance. From the camera to the message service, the artificial intelligence unit to … Read More

10 Exercises While Gaming

Different types of exercises have been around for centuries and, while some of them will help you stay in shape, others have been designed to simply stretch your legs. And since online casino games has become a favourite pastime of many people, it’s recommended to stretch those muscles every now and then. Take a look … Read More

Playing Safely At Online Casinos

Many players who sign up at online casinos are interested in only one thing: playing and winning. They don’t pay too much heed to the safety and security measures in place. To be fair, badges of licenses and logos of regulators are often peppered everywhere, but it pays to know just what these mean. What … Read More

Fun Facts About Global Gambling

Despite gambling and casinos being a worldwide phenomenon, it should come as no surprise that some nations are far bigger fans than others. Which Scandinavian country do you think takes the cake in terms of gaming furore? Which Asian nation is set to overtake Las Vegas as the biggest gambling location in the world? Take … Read More

Simple Ways to Split the Bill

As technology develops and evolves, one of the key trends that we note is that life just keeps getting smoother and easier. And one of the top ways that it happens is with smartphone apps. With almost everything you need to do these days there is, as they say, an app for that! Splitting bills … Read More