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Three Roulette Variants Explained

Roulette is still after hundreds of years considered a classic casino game. With any casino appearance in popular culture you will see a roulette wheel somewhere and immediately know where the character is or where the picture was taken. Most people just think of roulette as one game but over the years, as roulette has … Read more Three Roulette Variants Explained

A Basic Online Blackjack Q&A

Two very different opinions about online blackjack abound. One of them is that the famous card game also known as 21 is notoriously difficult; the other is that the game is one of the easiest a new player could learn. The truth about the game lies somewhere in between those two extremes. Find out more … Read more A Basic Online Blackjack Q&A

Gambling Game Comparisons

Gambling has been around for practically as long as humans have walked the earth, in some form or another. Ancient dice made from bone have been discovered centuries old, suggesting that gambling games existed long before we were even dreaming up the wheel. There are, however, a number of different forms of gambling that have … Read more Gambling Game Comparisons

Electric Diva Slot Review

We don’t really know where best to place Electric Diva. What makes a good sci-fi slot? Is it the aliens? Electric Diva has plenty of that. Is it the futuristic machinery? That’s a big affirmative. Perhaps it’s the giant, earth destroying bugs and bats that make this a sci-fi gig. Or maybe a guitar that … Read more Electric Diva Slot Review

Common Slots Phrases and Terms

If you want to get started in playing at online casinos in general, the FAQ page on Casino Época is a great place to start. If you’re interested in slots in particular, this glossary will help too. Bet Max A betting option often seen on slot games, where you can choose to bet the maximum … Read more Common Slots Phrases and Terms