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Android Pie Incoming

Android is known for having some pretty tasty names when it comes to their operating systems. After all, who can forget such classics as honeycomb, jellybean, ice cream sandwich and lollipop? Is the guy who comes up with these names on a diet and making a list of things he is not allowed to eat, … Read More

The Highest Paid Celebrities

Every year, Forbes Magazine brings out a list of the highest paid celebrities of the year. Whether they are actors, musicians, TV personalities or athletes, most of these celebs have most certainly earned their right to top the list. Let’s take a look at the categories and who’s made the top 10 in 2018. Athletes … Read More

Casino Época’s Video – Short and Sweet

Running at a mere 8 seconds long, did Casino Época’s brand video intrigue me enough to click over and actually check them out? I have to say yes! I may not be the biggest gambler around, but the minimal approach taken by Casino Época with this video, managed to pique my curiosity. There are no … Read More

The fall of Iconic Brands

Does a brand have a normal life cycle? In other words, is there a beginning, a middle and an end? The answer is not in black and white and certainly not clear cut in any way. In order to discuss brand relevancy and the fall of iconic brands we need to delve into the formation … Read More

e-Commerce Hope After Canadian Job Losses

More than 100 000 Canadians were left worried about the future following the country’s worst job losses since 2009. However, not all statistics were dismal – and e-commerce could help improve things. According to Statistics Canada, the loss of 137 000 part-time jobs in January this year was the worst drop seen in the space … Read More

Productivity: How To Do More, Better

The truth is, being optimally productive isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We all need different things to get us into the zone, so to speak. For some, it’s all about sitting down and remaining focused on the task at hand. Others prefer taking regular breaks or intervals. Whatever your own personal preference may be, there … Read More

Superstition and Gambling

Superstition is in many ways, ingrained in our very beings. Whether we’re constantly avoiding stepping on pavement cracks or just a little bit more careful on certain Fridays than on others, most of us have had a brush with superstitious behaviour. Many gamblers, especially, have pet habits believed to be the workers of lucky magic. … Read More

Ocean’s 8: A Female Ocean’s 11 and So Much More

Ocean’s 8 is among the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year, and will premier in the United States and the United Kingdom in June 2018. The stellar cast includes Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter. Bullock stars as Debbie Ocean, Danny Ocean’s estranged sister, … Read More

Micro-Cheating: What You Need to Know

The phrase “micro-cheating” was first used in 2004, but when an article on the subject went viral in January 2018, it came to the world’s attention. So what is it, do you need to be worried about it, and should you be doing anything? What is Micro-Cheating? Psychologist Melanie Schillig defines micro-cheating as a series … Read More

Women in Computing – A Tech Trend Not Talked About

The current stereotype of a computer programmer or engineer is a young man, but this was hardly always the case. Initially, computer programming was felt to be a menial task of simply performing pre-determined calculations, and was considered women’s work. Nowadays, the tech world is completely different to what it was several decades back, and … Read More