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Top 5 Gambling Errors To Avoid

Knowing how to avoid common pitfalls goes a long way in any discipline or life event, with gambling being no exception.  With anything, there is always a better as well as a less ideal way to approach something.  There are many ineffective habits to avoid when gambling, and we’ve rounded up the top 5 to … Read more Top 5 Gambling Errors To Avoid

Slot Odds Q & A

Developers and online casinos often prominently display game odds or in the case of slots, RTP’s. They serve as a great advertisement for how rewarding a certain casino is, but what do they mean and how reliable are they? Anyone who has played a slot will confirm that it is very easy to walk away … Read more Slot Odds Q & A

How Tech Has Changed Casinos

Modern technology is a fascinating and incredible thing, advancing at amazing speeds to a degree that is all but breath taking. Things possible now were not possible just a few short years ago, meaning that each new generation can only guess at what will be achieved in their lifetime. There has, in fact, never been … Read more How Tech Has Changed Casinos

Wearables and Online Gaming

The face of the online gaming industry is constantly changing. It has progressed from online casinos to mobile casinos, and it is likely that the introduction of wearables, the future of technology, will influence the gaming world even further. Defining Wearables  Wearables, as the name suggests, are just that, namely, technologies that a user actually … Read more Wearables and Online Gaming

Quick Tips For Sic Bo Beginners

Playing Sic Bo (pronounced: see bo) is enormous fun – most probably thanks to the fact that the game lends itself to an eclectic variety of betting combinations, and yet in essence remains enjoyably simple.  Sic Bo is enjoyed in equal measure by newbie’s and old hands alike – with some playing for fun and … Read more Quick Tips For Sic Bo Beginners

Licensing Jurisdictions Explained

Unlicensed casinos – especially online unlicensed casinos – are the cause of much misery.  It’s not always easy to tell an online casino by its colours at first glance, but the first sign that all is not what it should be is usually payment difficulties.  All will be smooth sailing until such time as a … Read more Licensing Jurisdictions Explained

Can You Hack an iPhone?

The iPhone’s reputation for security is almost as great as its reputation for special features and great functionality. As an iPhone user, you probably feel quite safe. However, you should know that the iPhone can, indeed, be hacked! Your iPhone runs on software, after all, and like anything else running on code it has a … Read more Can You Hack an iPhone?

AR or VR Better for Casino Games?

To ask whether augmented reality, AR, or virtual reality, VR, has greater potential for casino games developers is a bit like asking if zips make better clothing fasteners than buttons. It could depend entirely on individual criteria, not the least of which is personal preference. Both technologies are currently available, although their performance so far … Read more AR or VR Better for Casino Games?