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10 Exercises While Gaming

Different types of exercises have been around for centuries and, while some of them will help you stay in shape, others have been designed to simply stretch your legs. And since online casino games has become a favourite pastime of many people, it’s recommended to stretch those muscles every now and then. Take a look … Read More

Playing Safely At Online Casinos

Many players who sign up at online casinos are interested in only one thing: playing and winning. They don’t pay too much heed to the safety and security measures in place. To be fair, badges of licenses and logos of regulators are often peppered everywhere, but it pays to know just what these mean. What … Read More

Fun Facts About Global Gambling

Despite gambling and casinos being a worldwide phenomenon, it should come as no surprise that some nations are far bigger fans than others. Which Scandinavian country do you think takes the cake in terms of gaming furore? Which Asian nation is set to overtake Las Vegas as the biggest gambling location in the world? Take … Read More

Simple Ways to Split the Bill

As technology develops and evolves, one of the key trends that we note is that life just keeps getting smoother and easier. And one of the top ways that it happens is with smartphone apps. With almost everything you need to do these days there is, as they say, an app for that! Splitting bills … Read More

Could Special Drone Mosquito Deliveries Combat Zika

WeRobotics is a company based in Geneva and the United States, which was established to see how drones could be used for positive social impact. Community robotic labs have been set up in developing countries around the world, and with its partners, WeRobotics has mapped Nepalese rivers, provided aid to Caribbean countries following Hurricane Maria … Read More

Casinos Slowly Turn to VR

Virtual Reality, or VR, has been around for some time, but the technology has only really started coming into its own over the past few years. As we develop it more, the graphics become more immersive and the range of applications just keeps increasing. One of the areas in which Virtual Reality was predicted to … Read More

How To Tell If A Casino Is Rogue

An incredibly attractive appeal of the online casino industry is its sheer size and convenience. There are many online casinos to choose from around the world and anyone can switch from one to another within minutes for a change of scenery. The downfall is that not all online casinos have the same level of quality … Read More

The Rise of Wearable Tech for Fluffy and Fido

These days, we track our health and fitness through wearables, we are connected to smart homes and the Internet of Things, and use Augmented and Virtual Reality in different daily activities. There are also apps for everything to make life more convenient, including banking, travelling, working and playing at high-quality online casinos. In short, all … Read More

How Macau is On the Rise Again

Three years after the implementation of China’s anti-corruption programme, it seems Macau is finally showing signs of recovery with significant gains in the casino market and the slow trickle of high rollers back into the area. China’s anti-graft campaign, spearheaded by President Xi Jinping was aimed at weeding out corruption in the government with Macau, … Read More

Why Jacks Or Better Is A World Favourite

If you’re a true, die-hard video poker fan then you’ll know that there are well over fifty different variations to enjoy. Each veteran player has their own personal favourite – but ask any video poker fanatic theirs and you may be surprised at how often Jacks or Better comes up! Even if you’re new to … Read More