Productivity: How To Do More, Better

The truth is, being optimally productive isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We all need different things to get us into the zone, so to speak. For some, it’s all about sitting down and remaining focused on the task at hand. Others prefer taking regular breaks or intervals. Whatever your own personal preference may be, there are certain activities or mind-sets that seem to benefit everyone, whatever your particular style or personality.

Setting Personal Goals

Whether you’re constantly chasing down deadlines or working and living at a more relaxed pace, it’s useful to set personal goals and time limits. Stress and working under constant pressure is certainly not good for anyone’s health, but a manageable level of self-imposed pressure has been known to work miracles as far as being more productive is concerned.

The Two-Minute Rule

The basic principal behind the two-minute rule is this: when considering all of the tasks currently at hand, start with those requiring less than two minutes of your time, and do them first. The general idea is that getting right down to it immediately and completing the task from start to finish, will take up less time than trying to plan or remember to come back to it later.

Be Proactive

Having a plan at the start of the day, and then sticking to that plan, is a great way to ensure that things get done and done on time. Setting time aside to return calls or respond to emails is much better than responding to emails or queries as the day progresses. Constant deviation from the task at hand isn’t conducive to productivity.

Regular Time-Outs

Taking regular breaks during the day is the key to keeping the productivity balance and is well known to stimulate creativity. This can be anything from going for a brisk walk to enjoying a few mobile casino games on your smartphone or tablet. The important bit is that the activity should be relaxing and as far removed from the mundane of daily chores as possible.


Surrounding yourself with aesthetically pleasing elements may seem like the last thing useful when wanting to boost overall productivity, but it has been known to yield fantastic results. When visually pleasant objects and colours surround us, we tend to enjoy our surroundings more. This in turn influences everything that happens within the scope of those surroundings, especially productivity.

Muting Notifications

Constant distractions are the enemies of true productivity. Learning to mute smart phone notifications goes a long way towards eradicating distractions. In fact, most of what we deem to be distracting in this day and age has its origin in our digital worlds. Learning to tune out when getting down to the business of being focused is key.

At the end of the day, the key is to work smarter instead of trying to fit even more hours into an already over-full day. Without constant distractions and interruptions, working smarter becomes a great deal easier. As with everything else in life, finding a balance is the key.