5 Tips For Playing Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are a great way to enjoy an exciting, professional casino experience at home. It is also a great way to have a social gaming experience as the dealer is live, but you also get to play with other players from around the world. Below are a few tips that will help improve your game and experience at a live dealer table.

Choose A Good Table

Live dealer’s host games at a variety of tables and with a variety of professional dealers, so pick the live table that has the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. Don’t be shy to simply choose a table where you like the look of the dealer.

Liking the dealer working the table you play at has a positive impact on your overall game and experience. Don’t worry about whether a dealer looks trustworthy or if he or she makes you feel lucky. All dealers are closely monitored by the casino itself to make sure they play fair.

What you can pay attention to however is if the table uses one or multiple decks. Some live dealer casinos only make use of a single deck or use card shuffling machines to employ multiple decks. Try stick to multiple deck games, 5 decks should be good.

Pick A Good Seat

Just like in a brick and mortar casino, you get to select a seat at a live dealer game. It may be helpful to choose the last seat at a live dealer game as this way you can see what hands are dealt to other players.

This isn’t really statistically significant since as we said above, live dealers employ multiple decks but it can help to make you feel more in control in game. When it comes to roulette, you can take your pick at which seat you want to sit. Some people like going first, so if that’s you, the first seat is your best bet.

Remember Your Budget

Live dealer games come in many variations of betting denominations. There are high roller tables that usually have high wager limits.

When considering your gaming budget, make sure to check the table limits before joining a live dealer table. Also if you are a new player, do not risk playing at a high roller table. It will only dampen your fun and probably leave you a bit out of pocket.

Use Online Help

Making use of an online strategy guide is not cheating. Using betting strategies can greatly improve your game in the long run and it is very simple to have a browser window open with some solid advice while you are taking part in a live dealer game.

There is no proven way to win at any casino game, but you can try and improve your odds of winning by employing strategic wagering habits.

Try Different Game Variants

There are many live dealer game variations on offer at Casino Epoca. Don’t be afraid to try out different blackjack, poker and roulette variations.

Finding the perfect game for your play style or wager budget is essential to having a great experience. This is especially relevant to roulette games, as there are a few variations of the casino classic and each has its own rules and house edge.

Following these tips is a great way to not just improve your play experience, but they may just turn the odds in your favour and pocket you a few credits. And remember: the live dealers are professionals and they want you to have just as much fun as they do. Keep an open mind and be respectful.