5 Video Poker Secrets You Need to Know

It is a widely held belief that video poker is a great game for online casino play, but whether or not this is true depends on your personal tastes. If you enjoy the game and see good returns, like competitive play, which is also challenging and blends luck and skill, however, then video poker is probably your first choice. This article outlines some secrets for more profitable play and helps you maximise your wins!

1. Use Your Player History

You can improve your video poker play by analysing the game choices you have made over time.

Look at your wins and losses and try to spot where you could have made better choices. Perhaps you didn’t use your strategy properly? Studying your wins and losses will help you find your mistakes and learn from them, and this means that you will start making more profitable choices as you play more and put your experience to use.

2. Promotions Give You an Advantage

Using an online casino promotion may not make you better at the game, but it will definitely help you get more playing time under your belt. Treat promotions like money, since this is exactly what they are.

3. Games Are Only Hot in Retrospect

There are no loose machines when it comes to video poker, just machines that have better return to player percentages. You cannot estimate how long a machine will be hot, so it is never a good idea to gamble on the foundation of past wins or losses.

4. The Draw Probabilities Don’t Change

The probabilities of which cards will be drawn and dealt next don’t change. In a blackjack game, you can roughly calculate probabilities from hands coming from a six-hand shoe, but in video poker you are always playing from just one deck that has just been shuffled.

5. Video Poker Has a Better Payback than Slots

Savvy slots players make a point of looking for games that return between 93% and 98%, and are thus able to maximise their returns. But video poker games can beat slots’ 98% RTP, when played correctly. Some can go as high as 100%, which is better than blackjack, more than baccarat, and an improvement on roulette! Video poker games have the lowest house edge and if you use skill and strategy successfully you can minimise the edge dramatically- giving you the advantage on every hand.