All About Video Poker

When it comes to casino games, Poker has to be considered one of the most popular of them all. Poker has a colourful history, and today there are many versions of the game played in land based casinos and online. At online casinos, the most popular version of Poker is Video Poker.

Video Poker combines the hand rankings of poker with the fast pace of slots. This hybrid casino game relies a little on skill and a little on chance while providing plenty of ways to win big.

The first form of Video Poker made an appearance in 1979, when electronic gambling machines started appearing in land based casinos. Many game manufactures were eager to produce a game that stood out from the rest, and IGT led the pack. With a basic screen and simple buttons, the early versions of Video Poker became an instant hit. During the 1980’s the game grew from strength to strength and players loved the removal of pressure being away from the table afforded them.

When online casinos first emerged, the stage was set for electronic games to come into their own. The basic Video Poker game was easily transferred onto the computer screen, with upgraded graphics and a few extra features thrown in. These days almost every online casino offers a wide range of Video Poker games, and there are more than 40 different variants to choose from. Playing online also offered Video Poker players one major advantage; they could enjoy practice games for free or just for fun, something that would never be allowed in a land based casino.

If you have never played Video Poker online, you’ll find it really easy to grasp the concept. The game is based on the classic game of Poker, with the five card draw being the most commonly found version. In the video version of the game, players play directly against the computer, rather than at a table, and there are no other players. The aim of the game however, is still to create the highest hand combination possible to beat the computer.

The one major difference in Video Poker is the betting. In a standard poker game, players can out bet or bluff their way to a win. In the video version, players need to have a higher hand than the computer in order to win.

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Video Poker’s Evolution to Mobile

Video Poker has become one of the most popular games at any online casino, and although it’s not a classic with a rich history spanning back centuries, its still one of the most famous games worldwide. This exciting video card game is a combination between classic poker and modern online slots. The game makes use of poker card rankings, but the style of play is as rapid and rewarding as the spinning reels of slots games.

The first Video Poker machines started appearing in land based casinos, way back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Back then, these machines offered a unique and refreshing take on the classic game and allowed players to enjoy more solitary, less pressurised hands of poker.

When online casinos first emerged in the 1990’s, Video Poker made the transition onto the computer screen. The upgraded version of the game featured improved graphics, animations and a few extra features. Today, the game comes in all shapes and forms and players can choose from over 40 variants that feature varying rules and hands. Additionally, players can choose to enjoy Video Poker for free, or for real money, something that wasn’t possible in land based casinos.

When the mobile revolution hit, things changed once again. With the introduction of tablets and smartphones, Video Poker evolved once more. Since many smartphones have significantly smaller screens, the game had to adapt to the smaller screen, but retain its basic style and playability. While smartphones and tablets have powerful processors and crystal clear screens, it was the size of the screen that forced game developers to reconsider the amount of information onscreen.

Mobile Video Poker includes all the basic features of the online game but with a more compact and streamlined look. With the introduction of smartwatches, the scene is set for another change. With technology getting smaller and smaller, casino game manufacturers have to get quite creative with how they design and implement their games.

Smartwatches have noticeably small screens, with means that the games show only the most basic of information. When Video Poker is released for the smart watch, chances are it will show only the hand you have been dealt with a single button for betting and hitting. Mobile devices are changing the way we access the Internet and play casino games online, and there is no doubt that Video Poker will continue to move with the times and adapt to the available technology as it grows.