Android Pie Incoming

New Android update
Source: Pixabay

Android is known for having some pretty tasty names when it comes to their operating systems. After all, who can forget such classics as honeycomb, jellybean, ice cream sandwich and lollipop? Is the guy who comes up with these names on a diet and making a list of things he is not allowed to eat, or does he have a sweet tooth? Either way, the latest Android operating system upgrade is here, and being referred to as Pie. Sorry, Google employee, we hope your diet comes to an end soon and you are allowed to get a bit of pie.

In all seriousness, the Android Pie operating system upgrade is officially being rolled out, and will already be on some of the newest devices available. For other users, it can be expected that Pie will be officially available for download in the next few months. As always, installing the upgrade will keep all applications and software on the device as they were, so no need to worry about your casino account details getting lost, or your favourite photo-editing apps vanishing into the ether.

However, keep in mind that some older devices may not get the operating system upgrade at all, depending on the stance of the manufacturer.

Android Pie Navigational Overview Change

The most notable and obvious change is that the basic navigational features have been tweaked. Previously, upon holding the Home button for a second, the device would switch to an overview mode, displaying all applications open. The open applications were shown via a list of overlaid windows, with tapping on one of the options leading to switching to that active program.

It worked very well. It has all been replaced, now showing a bar along the bottom listing the open programs, while allowing them to be swiped left and right in the main area. It’s a change that most, so far, are simply shrugging their shoulders at, and declaring that it is not necessarily better or worse than the previous system. You can change back to how it was previously if you do not like this upgrade, allowing you to revert to your old favourite.

Small Changes And Adjustments

It’s the dozens of small changes however, that are where the bulk of the upgrade is, making it a worthy successor to the previous version. The most celebrated and touted adjustments concern battery management. Google has proudly declared that battery life on devices will now be longer, thanks to a smart system that learns which applications are most in use, and adjusts battery consumption accordingly. Plus, pop ups will now be activated when battery life is getting low, with a specific prediction as to when the device will be forced to switch off.

Adaptive brightness has also been tweaked, according to Google. Although this is a feature that has been around for a long time, it is now apparently smarter. Another feature that is being trumpeted from the rooftops is the ability to add action suggestions in texts. For example, a text can be sent with the added suggestion that the reader open Google Maps, which is pretty nifty.

Finally, yet importantly, is a new feature called Digital Wellness. This, of course, is the ability to see how much time you spent using various apps, with an option even to limit time spent in certain applications. If you haven’t figured it out, this is to help users not spend too much time on Facebook, or Instagram.

Android Pie is out now, but may only be available for your device by year-end. We can’t wait to sink our teeth in to it!