The App Versus Instant Play Debate

Instant Play Gaming

You can take part in gaming in two ways when you play casino games online. You can opt for the instant play option and play in your browser, with no download required, or you can download the casino software and install it on your desktop or mobile device.

Let’s look at the good and the bad of each of these methods.

Instant Play Gaming

Instant play casino games are accessed by simply clicking on the game you wish to play. The game will then open up and run in your browser. The benefits include:

  • Play games from any device

Instant play casino games can be played on any computer or Internet enabled device. This is because the game is actually running in the browser and not via a downloaded application.

You can play on your own or a friend’s computer or laptop. You obviously won’t have the mobility afforded to you by playing on your mobile phone, but you can still access your games from a variety of sources.

  • No hardware or compatibility issues

With Instant play games you will very rarely encounter any compatibility issues. As long as your browser and browser extension software is up to date, you can have fun in an instant on any computer or device.

  • Safer due to no virus risk when downloading

Since instant play games do not require you to download any software to your computer or require you to grant any access to the games, you definitely are engaging in a safer online gaming experience. You don’t risk downloading any viruses or malware.

That said, if you are gaming at a reputable site like Casino Época, this should not really be a concern in general.

  • You can practice or check out a site

One of the main reasons to make use of instant play games is that you can practice new games and test them out. It is also a great way to become familiar with a new casino gaming site.

You can check out the games they offer and decide if you would like to sign up to the site or not.

Negatives Of Instant Play

There are a few negative aspects of instant play gaming. They aren’t really that negative but it can impact your gaming experience. Firstly you can potentially lose connectivity, either through loss of your Internet connection, a computer issue or an issue with your browser.

Gaming in your browser is more processor intensive and can result in slower game play. That said, you still get a wide game selection, more often than not you will get full instant play access to the site’s casino library.

App Download Gaming

Casino application downloads is when you download the casino client software to your computer or mobile device for free. Below we take a closer look at the pros and cons of downloading the casino app.

  • Mobility

Downloading the casino application means that you can make use of smartphones to play your casino games. You can now take your gaming wherever your phone is. You will have a casino in your pocket for any real-time and money wager action.

  • Ease of access

Using a download application will save you time with logging into your gaming account. The application will verify your details and give you quick simple account access. This essentially gives some of the same benefits as instant play games as you can get into your casino action with a click or two.

  • Promotions and offers

Downloading a casino application can result in getting additional bonus and promotional offers. These are designed to not only promote download applications, but also to give players more bang for their buck.

  • Free games

Downloading the casino app can also give you access to exclusive titles. These games are used as promotional games to encourage new players to get into mobile gaming or to download the casino app.

  • Better graphics and sound

Since you are not playing the games directly in your browser but instead on your computer or mobile device, the games will run much faster. This is because the games are being run on your device’s CPU rather than relying on the browser to process the intense casino gaming action.

You will get an overall smoother experience with better sound and graphics, resulting in an overall more pleasant experience.

Negatives Of Downloading

The one main downside of downloading the casino app is it won’t give you free reign on all the devices you choose to use, unlike instant play games.

You will need to download the application on each device you wish to use it on.

Which Is Best?

When it comes down to it, the best option is the one that suits you. For some players this may mean downloading the free software, while others may prefer instant play.