Awesome iPhone Hacks

One of the main selling points of an iPhone is that it can do just about everything you will ever need, straight out of the box. There is no need to download additional apps, debug or tweak the settings to improve the performance. From the camera to the message service, the artificial intelligence unit to the hardware setup, everything is designed to make your life easier, while providing you with the tools you need to go about your day.

Most people don’t even realise the depth of the features hidden inside the iOS software. To that end, we are going to take a look at a few simple hacks that can improve the iPhone user experience and make you look like a tech wizard!

Reaching the Top of the Screen

If you compare an iPhone from 10 years ago to those on the market today, the original looks tiny. While we’re happy to compromise on the size of the unit for bigger, fancier displays ideal for playing online casino games or even streaming movies, it does make it more difficult to reach the top of the screen when using one hand. Apple realised this and have installed a feature called Reachability. Simply tap the home button twice and the top of the screen will move down within reach of your thumb.

Lock the Camera Focal Point

We all know when you take a photo, you simply tap the screen to find the focus. However, when you move again, the focus shifts. If you want to lock the focus, simply hold the screen for a second until the AF lock button pops up. Now your focus is locked and you can happily move about and still get the perfectly crisp image.

Improve Siri’s Pronunciation

The artificial intelligence unit built into the iOS software known as Siri is impressive to say the least. One area where Siri does tend to struggle is with local pronunciation. If you find that Siri has mispronounced a name or word, you can correct her simply by saying “That’s not how you pronounce…”. Siri will then ask for the correct pronunciation and adjust accordingly.


Anyone who has owned a PC in the past 15 years will be familiar with the “Accessibility” function. This essentially makes the device customisable for sensory imputes. The iPhone also comes with an accessibility panel inside the Settings App. Here you can reduce the motion when navigating the phone, magnify certain areas or make the flashlight flicker when a notification is received. There are loads of customisable options to make your life easier.

Save Time with Searches

If you want to do a bit of surfing on your mobile web-browser the iPhone is fairly efficient. However, getting where you need to go can take a bit of time. The good news is that slotting in pre-populated web extensions can speed this up. When typing, simply hold down the full stop key and the keypad will bring up a list of popular URL suffixes. Tap on the one you want and you can save the time of typing it all out.

Customise Your Phone’s Vibrations

When they first came out, customised contact ring tones were great. You could tell who was calling without even looking at the phone. Have you ever wished your phone could do that with vibration when you have the sound turned off? Well it can. When you go into contacts, you can select the person whose vibration you want to change and tap on Edit. Here you will see an option to tap on Vibration. Taping on this tool will give you a wide list of options, including the ability to create new vibrations with the Vibration Tool. Now you can make individual buzzing vibrations to whatever beat you want.

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