Basic Blackjack Tips

With Blackjack being such a skill based game, you can never go wrong studying tips wherever you find them. In fact, if you aim to get better at the game of Blackjack, and play on a professional level, it is recommended you never stop reading tips for as long as you intend on playing the game.

Blackjack may seem like a fairly simple game on the surface, and the base rules really are easy to grasp, but Blackjack quickly becomes a deep and strategic game once you get below the surface. There are many instances where what seems like the logical course of action is, in fact, not the wisest course of action at all.

Let’s have a look at two betting strategies that are being allowed in modern online casinos, the first referred to as “double for less,” and the second referred to as “split for less.” These two betting strategies are also often referred to as DFL and SFL. Hopefully, upon finishing the blog, you will have gained your Blackjack wisdom for the day and will go on to be a better player.

Double For Less – DFL

Many casinos offer a betting option called “double for less,” or DFL. This is a situation where a casino allows the player to implement the double option, in which the player doubles his original bet in anticipation of a big win, but lets the player do so for less than the original amount. So, the player doubles his bet, but the overall amount staked is less than the original bet x2. In exchange for this the player only receives a single card.

It might seem like a pretty good idea initially. After all, you’re doubling your bet, but reducing a bit of the risk if the bet fails, aren’t you? That might seem the case, and it is to a degree, until you really get down to thinking about what has just happened. The player will generally only double the bet if the hand is especially good, and doubling for less is really the equivalent of reducing the amount you my have initially won, had you doubled the bet in the standard way. It is not a move that is in your best interest, really, but rather knocking off some of the potential winnings you may have earned.

Split For Less – SFL

A split is allowed in Blackjack when the player is given two cards that have the same value, such as a 6 and a 6. The two 6s will be moved beside one another, and the player will be required to put a new bet beside the second 6. The two 6s are then played as separate hands, with the potential to win or lose on both hands.

The split for less betting option would allow the split to be done, but have the player reduce the betting amount initially placed. Again, the player accepts that he or she will receive only a single card for each of the 6s.

The split or less betting option is extremely advantageous to the player, and if a casino offers it, it is highly recommended that the player jump at the opportunity. The player basically doubles their chances at winning as if by magic, and at a minimal cost to themselves. Since the split for less agreement requires that the dealer hit, give one more card for both the 6s, in order to complete the hand, it can be worked out that the player is getting an enormous bonus.

You might be wanting a more detailed explanation as to why the advantage exists, but this is a situation where explaining the mathematics involved, in detail, would likely occupy the rest of this blog, and perhaps a page or two more. Needless to say, splitting for less is an advantage to the player, and should be pounded on. The only real issue is that most online casinos that offer Blackjack don’t offer the split for less betting option.

 Learn More, Get Better

These two simple tips are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Blackjack goes, and a person looking to be a professional at Blackjack should learn such tips on a daily basis. Better yet, a player looking to be a Blackjack professional should be downloading and studying strategy guides. There are dozens of free strategy guides available online, the majority of which are available for completely free. A good Blackjack player will keep the strategy book beside them when playing online Blackjack, to help guide the game as it progresses.

A master Blackjack player will study the guide and understand its many complicated strategies, committing them to memory for later use. But then, we’re talking about one seriously dedicated Blackjack player. The average person, one who plays for fun, is much better off just printing the strategy guide and referring to it. After all, most of us aren’t maths prodigies.