A Basic Online Blackjack Q&A

A Basic Online Blackjack Q&A

Two very different opinions about online blackjack abound. One of them is that the famous card game also known as 21 is notoriously difficult; the other is that the game is one of the easiest a new player could learn.

The truth about the game lies somewhere in between those two extremes. Find out more about 21 as we answer a few of the more common questions about it.

What Is the Player’s Goal?

Blackjack players have not one but two goals when playing the game. The first is to play a hand of cards worth 21 points, and the second is to beat the value of the dealer’s hand.

Both goals need to be reached in one fell swoop for you to win.

How Do I Play Online Blackjack?

A game of online blackjack starts with an opening bet, which you place by dragging your chips to the Bet area on the table. When you’ve done that, click the Deal button to receive your first two cards.

If you are playing a game based on the European style, the dealer will receive only one card. If it’s an American-style game, the dealer will receive two cards.

Your cards will both be face up, while only one of the dealer’s cards is face up. Depending on the total value of your hand, you can either play it as you received it, or you can try improve the total before playing it.

The dealer’s hand will be revealed when you have made your move.

How Are Cards Valued?

Aces, unlike the other cards, have two values. They are worth either 1 or 11 points. Cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value, while the court or face cards from Jacks to Kings are worth 10 points.

Can I Improve a Blackjack Hand?

There are several ways to improve the total of your blackjack hand.

One of them is to Hit, which is to take another card, and another is to Split, which is to split your two cards into the foundations of two new hands. You can build on those foundations by taking more cards.

You could also double down, by doubling your bet and taking another card.

Must I Learn Strategy?

You do not need to learn strategies to play online blackjack. However, strategies can certainly be of benefit, as the game does not rely on luck alone.