Best Smartphones For Gaming

best smartphones for gamingThere is an evident convenience that comes with being able to play casino games on a smartphone. In fact, it has never been easier to have a few rounds of online blackjack, without ever having to step away from your favourite comfortable couch. Modern times truly are a casino gamer’s paradise.

But, as with all things based around technology, how enjoyable your gaming experience is, is partly going to be determined by the quality of technology you are using. That is to say, the casino games you play are going to be effected by the smartphone you use to play them.

So, which are the best smartphones to get the most out of your mobile gaming experience? Let’s have a look.

iPhone and IOS

One can hardly talk about mobile devices these days without bringing up Apple. Apple is an enormous modern success for a reason; they make excellent products. iPhones are known for there outstanding design, superior user interfaces, and for being incredibly reliable. But, how are they as far as mobile casino games are concerned?

It turns out that they are pretty damn good. There are a number of casino applications available for iPhones and Apple Tablets, including online poker, roulette, and a variety of online slot games. As would be expected, all of these applications show the superior quality that is associated with the Apple brand name.

iPhone Power

Given that iPhones have a fair amount of resources and processing power, the games all look good, and perform flawlessly.  Crisp HD graphics and beautiful images are the order of the day, and it all points to Apple being an excellent choice where mobile-based casino games are concerned.

The one downfall of Apple devices, as a mobile gaming platform, also happens to be the brand name’s major selling point. Namely; the high standards imposed by the Apple Corporation. Given that Apple is fiercely unflinching in its standard requirements, many game developers are unable, or unwilling, to meet the demands.

These restrictions certainly are good for a number of reasons, but also massively hamper the games available for Apple devices. In other words; Apple based casino games are sure to be of a superior quality, but the selection will not be as good on Android based mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy Series and Android

Android is an open, unrestricted operating system, allowing many companies releasing devices based round the software. This means, first of all, that Android users have a much broader selection of devices to choose from. There are a number of device models from many companies, and selecting a preferred device is entirely up to the user.

One of the most popular Android device manufacturers is Samsung, who are renowned for the Galaxy series of phones. Currently in its 7th generation, the Galaxy series are known for having immense processing power, and more bells and whistles than a user may even know what to do with. As far as mobile-based gaming goes, the Galaxy series of phones offer an excellent experience. Given that developers are not imposed with draconian restrictions, the selection of games available is a fret deal broader.

Android Downfall

Android does, however, have a downside of its own. Such an open platform indeed means enormous freedom of choice, but it also means that game developers creating programmes for the Android operating system must take into account an enormous variety of devices. This, sadly, cannot always be done perfectly. The result is a game playing experience that may not always be perfect, and applications that my even be unstable and crash.

Applications released on Apple devices are all but guaranteed to perform perfectly, given that there are only a few device configurations to take into account. On Android, however, your mileage may vary, depending on the device you are using.

Mobile Gaming Buffet

The greatest thing about gaming on mobile devices, however, is that that industry is still in the process of rapidly developing and growing. Compared to other industries, mobile gaming is still in its infancy, and still has a long way to evolve. This means that new games and new companies are constantly entering onto the market, giving the user the chance to see what they prefer best.

At the end of the day, it cannot be said that Android or Apple devices are objectively better, it is all just a matter of taste. One certainly couldn’t go wrong with getting an Android based Samsung Galaxy series phone, especially if playing games on it is a primary concern. The devices handles well, and certainly give a great gaming experience. But the same can also be said for Apple devices, and the iPhone series

At the end of the day, making the choice between one and the other is what makes mobile gaming such an interesting industry.