Best Time Of Year To Visit Vegas

best time of year to visit vegasLas Vegas is the hub of the casino world. With world-class hotels, dozens of casinos, and countless opportunities for concerts, theatre, variety shows, and entertainment, it is the place to be for anything related to the casino industry. That said, the city has its ups and downs as well and there are peak times as well as not so great times to go visit the city of Las Vegas.

Summer Versus Winter

Las Vegas is not a city that players want to be visiting over the summer months. Despite the prevalent air conditioning and ample pool facilities in all the hotels, the summer months in the desert reach incredibly high temperatures, making a trip to Las Vegas a little less pleasant.

A far better time to go, then, is spring, autumn, or even winter. Las Vegas is very popular around New Year’s Eve as it boasts tons of grand celebrations, and temperatures in winter are a lot more pleasurable. Even though room rates will be much higher over the peak times, there is a pre-holiday and post-holiday lull, so visitors arriving just before Christmas or just after New Year’s Eve can benefit from the cooler weather in addition to lower room rates.

Week Versus Weekend

Regardless of when players visit Las Vegas, it is always advisable to plan trips to fall into the week. Weekend trips are a lot more expensive, and visitors will benefit from lower room rates from Tuesday through Thursday. Lower rates make the city more affordable for visitors travelling on a budget.

Plan Around Conventions

Las Vegas is also a city that hosts dozens of conventions, which visitors can see as a positive or a negative.

On the one hand, they might wish to avoid the city during large conventions as prices tend to soar and finding accommodation can be a little trickier. On the other hand, attending a particular convention can add value to a trip. Either way, visitors planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas should check if there are any conventions happening at the time they intend to visit the city to find out how this will affect their trip planning and budgeting.

Spring Break

Spring is a great time for Las Vegas trips as the temperatures are decent, but the city also soars with college visitors enjoying Spring Break. The city and its hotels tend to offer dozens of parties and celebrations, which is great for those who are looking for all the fun the city can offer, but visitors planning on a little bit of a quieter time should take the Las Vegas Spring Break reputation into account before booking their trips.