The Biggest Cheats in Casino History

Many casinos have learned the hard way that, no matter the game or how results are produced, determined cheaters can beat the system and make millions. Whether it’s counting cards, tricks with chips, cracking software codes, or analysing game results, countless methods have been used, and some very successfully indeed.

History’s biggest casino cheats weren’t looking for a good time or to put their luck to the test. They wanted to prove that even luck has its limits, and they wanted to make money, and lots of it.

Take a look at some of the most famous of them with us.

Richard Marcus’ Roulette Chip Trick

Richard Marcus was a former casino dealer with a love of playing at the roulette tables. He was also a first-class cheat.

When betting, he’d put down three chips; two of which were of a low value, while the remaining one was worth much more, and was placed under the two smaller chips so that the dealer wouldn’t notice it.

If his bet won, Marcus wasted no time in showing the larger chip to the dealer, but if he lost, he waited for the dealer to look away before removing the larger chip. He reportedly won more than $5 million before casinos realised what he was doing.

Keith Taft’s Card Counting Shoes

In the early 1970s, Keith Taft developed a card counting computer similar to a calculator. It was connected to a pair of his shoes and to his spectacles.

He tapped his shoes on the floor to input card information, which was fed back to him via small lights in his spectacles. Taft managed to tap his way through numerous blackjack games before being caught out.

Ronald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNeal

One of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s computer programmers, Ronald Dale Harris’ job put him in the perfect position to cheat. Harris had to find flaws in casino software, but he took the opportunity to modify slot machines to pay out when he put in a specific number of coins in a certain sequence.

Harris either got bored or scared of being caught out, and so he moved from slots to keno machines, and created a programme to calculate which numbers the not very random number generator would produce during specific games. This is where Reid Errol McNeal, his accomplice, joins the story.

The two cheats worked together, until McNeal tried to redeem a winning ticket without appearing excited about the win. This aroused suspicion, and McNeal was investigated.

The investigators were eventually led to Harris, who was arrested on charges of fraud and collusion. Harris was sentenced to seven years in prison, but was released after serving only two years.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and Biased Roulette Wheels

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo spent many hours studying roulette wheel results in casinos all over Spain, and all because he believed that some wheels were a bit off-balance. It took a huge amount of determination on his part, but Garcia-Pelayo eventually worked out which wheels produced biased results.

His determination paid off, to the point of giving him an edge over some casinos of as much as 15 percent. He certainly used it to his advantage, because he had won millions by the time those casinos realised he was cheating and banned him.

Our game results are produced by an independently certified random number generator. You won’t be able to count cards or calculate wheel spins, but you certainly can put your luck to the test, and enjoy plenty of opportunities to win real money. Come play with us today.