Can You Hack an iPhone?

The iPhone’s reputation for security is almost as great as its reputation for special features and great functionality. As an iPhone user, you probably feel quite safe. However, you should know that the iPhone can, indeed, be hacked!

Your iPhone runs on software, after all, and like anything else running on code it has a certain vulnerability. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent your handset being hacked in the first place, and steps you can take if it has fallen victim. When you play iPhone casino games with us you can rest assured that you’ll always be safe, as we make use of stringent security measures, but we want you to know more about how you can avoid being hacked, what to look for and what to do if you’ve come under attack!

Can You Hack an iPhone?

How is an iPhone Hacked? 

Apple checks the apps on the App Store very rigorously, and your iPhone is automatically encrypted too. To access any information, you have to know the passcode.

The problems with iPhone security most commonly come in the forms of jailbreaking, opening messages from unknown numbers, and charging stations that have malicious software. So there are a few obvious things you can do to avoid these issues.

First of all, do not jailbreak your iPhone. The act of jailbreaking involves using a piece of software to bypass your handset’s software and default settings. It’s very tempting to be able to delete unwanted programmes that have been forced upon you, but the risk is simply not worth the reward. A lot of the security rules that protect you are bypassed at the same time.

Avoiding public chargers is also important, since software that can download hacking software onto iPhones has been created. If you absolutely should use a public charger, make sure your handset is locked – this makes it harder for the software to get in. And when you are using a public Wi-Fi network, be aware that hackers can access your phone this way too.

With Apple’s strong security rules, you are not going to be infected with malware from an iStore-approved app. But dangerous links could be embedded in your messages and emails. The best thing to do is just avoid opening anything that is not from someone you know, or that shows a strange or block-shaped icon in the message preview. And if you do open it, don’t click on anything! You may be taken to a site to fool you into downloading malware, or it may be installed automatically.

What To Do If You’re Hacked

If you see new apps on your screen that you don’t remember downloading, calls, emails and texts in your history that you don’t remember sending, or your phone opening apps or typing words without you doing anything, there is a good chance that you have fallen foul of hackers.

The very first thing you need to do is turn your iPhone off or put it into airplane mode, to block hackers’ access to it. Then restore the original settings by going to Settings, then General, then Reset. This should eliminate the software that the hacker was using from your device.

You can also choose Erase all Contents and Settings to get a completely new start if this will make you more comfortable, but you’ll need to pull from an iTunes or iCloud backup, or reinstall everything, if you do this.

If you have a computer with iTunes and a cable to connect your iPhone, you can also run a Default Firmware Update restore. This uses iTunes to reset and restore settings to your phone. You can find. great step-by-step guides to doing this.

Whatever method you use after you’ve been hacked, it is essential to back your iPhone up on a regular basis, so that you don’t lose anything important if you have to restore the settings. Try to make a habit of this!