Casino Dress Codes

Casino Dress Codes

Not too long ago, a trip to the casino meant picking out your best suit and dressing up for the occasion. Even a trip to the movies or a theatre play demanded a certain respectable attire. Today all of that has changed. Movie theatres, shopping malls, and even land-based casinos are filled with players wearing anything from a three-piece suit to a Hawaiian shirt with shorts and sandals. But are the days of formal attire completely gone? We take a look at the updated dress codes in some of the biggest casinos around the world.

Casino Monte Carlo

One of the most famous land-based casinos in the world is the Casino Monte Carlo. If you are on vacation in Monaco, chances are, you have a lot of money to burn or you have spent a long time saving up for a once in a lifetime experience. Either way, when you step through the doors of the casino, it is plainly evident that this is not your average casino. The dress code at the Casino Monte Carlo is strictly no casual wear; this means no shorts, no sandals and no T-shirts. While jackets are only required after 8pm, the recommended attire is a suit unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Casino di Venezia

If you are visiting the beautiful city of Venice and you are wondering around in a pair of shorts and sandals, chances are you are going to have to get changed before heading to the casino. The Casino di Venezia is the world’s oldest casino and still adheres to the traditional rules of formal attire. To gain entrance into the casino, men are required to wear a jacket on the casino floor unless you are in the slots section. The casino has a large selection of jackets available in case you didn’t pack one. For woman, a nice dress is recommended with nothing too revealing.

Resorts World in Singapore

If you are in Singapore, a trip to Resorts World in Singapore is a must for all casino enthusiasts. This international accredited land-based casino is filled with slots, table games and video poker machines to suit just about every player. The dress code at Resorts World is casual with some restrictions. While jeans and t-shirts are allowed, no shorts, sandals or hat of any kind is permitted inside the casino itself. This includes baseball caps, beanies or anything that can obstruct your face.

MGN Grand, Vegas

In Vegas, things are a little different, most of the casinos on the strip or anywhere in Vegas have a very relaxed dress code including the MGN Grand. Feel free to wander around in your shorts, sandals and baggy t-shirt. If you have ever seen the film “The Hangover” you can get a feel of what players tend to wear in Vegas. Owing to the weather and influx of eccentric visitors, the casinos in Vegas tend to attract some of the most interesting outfits. While generally anything goes, wearing an outfit that is too revealing might just attract the attention of the authorities.

Casino Época

Casino Época is an online casino so the dress code for playing can be anything you want it to be! If you are at home, playing on your PC it is alright with us if you play in your pyjamas. If you are relaxing by the pool and playing on your mobile we don’t mind if you are in a swimsuit, or if you’re out and about and wearing your best suit – it makes no difference to us! As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, we encourage you to dress up or down to suit your mood. Have fun, be daring and wear whatever you like!