Casino Época Explores Casino Myths and Legends

Casino Época Explores Casino Myths and Legends

In a world as exciting and steeped in history as the one you encounter when you step inside a casino – and particularly those exclusive high-roller rooms – myths and legends are bound to arise. The element of luck involved in winning a fortune also inevitably inspires people to concoct all sorts of weird and wonderful theories about how to improve their chances of hitting the big time.

Most of these myths are, of course, fairly harmless but there are those that can do a lot of damage if players take them too seriously, basing critical decisions on a bunch of old wives’ tales.

Our area of concern relates to completely fictional theories that have somehow taken on the status of facts. By the same token, we’d also like to explore a few facts that are actually true despite the fact that many believe they are false.

Fiction: It Must Be My Lucky Day

A common error that almost every casino game player has made at some point is to assume that they have somehow been endowed with the Midas touch when they find themselves on a winning streak.

That’s the thing about luck – it can run out at any time. There is no such thing as a “hot” machine or game. Know when to hold‘em and when to fold‘em.

Fact: There Is an Element of Skill

This applies particularly to most card games because, in these games, each round has a bearing on how the next one will play out. Why? Because there are a specific number of each type of card in each deck or set of decks. This means that, once a certain card has been dealt, the likelihood of the same card coming up again is diminished by a certain amount. If you’re really on your game, you can try to predict the outcome of each round based on this information and play accordingly.

When it comes to games of pure chance like slots, one shouldn’t even try to predict the outcome because it is totally random. However, there is such a thing a smart player. Don’t wager more than you can afford to; take only as much risk as you can handle.

Fiction: Counting Cards is Illegal

As a matter of fact, it’s not. Counting cards is simply a matter of mentally keeping track of how the cards that of dealt, which we mentioned earlier. How can you be arrested for having a good memory?

However, casinos really don’t like it and they do reserve the right to refuse you access to tables or even the casino itself. So it’s best to only do it if you can keep anyone from seeing what you’re doing – it’s certainly not a good idea to take actual notes! One benefit of playing online…

Fiction: Casinos Rig Their Games

Not the legitimate ones! While it should be standard procedure for you to check out a casino’s credentials before you hand over any cash, shady operators don’t last long in this business. This is especially true online, where bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority – under which Casino Época is licensed – are very quick to eliminate bad eggs and players’ forums are merciless about ratting out any rats.

Fact: The House Always Has an Edge

Although it’s highly unlikely that you can blame your losing streak on a dodgy casino, you need to remember that the house always has an edge.

The house edge refers to the way that all casinos sway the odds ever so slightly in their favour in order to keep making a profit, even when they have to pay out large jackpots. Without the house edge, casinos would go out of business. And nobody wants that.