Casino Época’s Video – Short and Sweet

Casino EpocaRunning at a mere 8 seconds long, did Casino Época’s brand video intrigue me enough to click over and actually check them out? I have to say yes! I may not be the biggest gambler around, but the minimal approach taken by Casino Época with this video, managed to pique my curiosity. There are no grand statements about games and bonuses, or over the top visuals: just a black background with letters flying onto the screen to spell out CASINO ÉPOCA, plus an animated casino chip floating into view as if it’s being thrown – in the process, it flips around and around to eventually reveal the casino’s logo. It’s simple and stylish, which is definitely up my street, but is it ultimately a good indicator of Casino Época’s brand identity?

Getting the message across

For me personally, I think Casino Época’s brand video is an effective teaser, showing just enough to whet the appetite. Moreover, the simple sophistication of it all is a good indication of the look and feel of the Casino Época site, as well as what they have to offer. Whether or not you agree with me, well that’s up to you – simply check out the video, and tell me your thoughts in the comment section. Till then, let’s take a closer look at what I found at Época after clicking through and arriving onto the site.

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Beyond the video to Época

Firstly, like the video, Casino Época’s site is sleek, stylish and simple, with an easy-to-navigate interface that allowed me to move around quickly and find exactly what I was looking for – plus, like the video, the colour scheme is red, black and white. I also made a point of checking them out on my mobile, and I’m happy to report that there is no sacrificing of quality – it’s a well-known fact that more and more players are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as their preferred means of play, so it’s good to see that Época recognises this and have optimised their site for all devices.

At Casino Época, you won’t have any trouble finding Games, Promotions, Language Selection, Support and more, as they’re all clearly indicated on the site’s menu. I was particularly impressed by the incredibly wide selection of casino games on offer, ranging from the ever-popular slots and progressive slots, to roulette, blackjack and more. In fact, there are over 500 games on offer, but bear in mind that the mobile selection is less than what’s available on desktop. But no worries here either, there’s plenty of choice as all the latest games are released on mobile, as well as a good portion of classic favourites. From what I could see, the brand video and casino site might have an aura of sophistication about them, but that doesn’t mean the games on offer don’t cater to all types of player tastes, budget preferences and levels of experience.

Final Thoughts

Casino Época’s short and sleek brand video is really just a teaser. It doesn’t give too much away, but for me there was just enough to make me want to click through to the site. While I expected the sophistication to follow through on the site, I must admit I was surprised at the sheer volume of what was on offer. Fortunately, the site is incredibly easy to move through, whether you’re on mobile or not. Moreover, the amount of quality games is a real plus too. If you’re looking for legitimacy regarding Época’s licencing and regulation, you’ll find it in the footer area. Suffice to say, Casino Época is fully licensed and has approval from industry watchdog eCOGRA, for fair gameplay, fast payouts and accountable casino conduct. As for the brand video, I feel it perfectly encapsulates the look and feel of the site, while Casino Época itself is well worth a visit – I know I’ll be going back!