Casino Games At Work Guide

Casino Games At Work Guide

Everyone gets bored at work from time to time. By the very nature of a job, there are going to be times when you don’t feel like working, and fancy a little sneaky slacking off time. Sure, you can play a bit of sneaky online slot games on your work computer, but there are a lot of risks that come with doing so. If your boss walks in, there is going to be a bit of frantic clicking to close the sneaky slot game, and that almost always ends in suspicion. Your boss will suspect something, since you never normally click so quickly when doing actual work, and may just ask to see the closed windows on the computer screen.

So it stands to reason that slacking off at work is an art form all of its own. And yes, if you’re for tips on how to play online casino games at work more sneakily, and with less chance of being caught, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at how to be the ultimate work place casino game slack off artist.

Disclaimer; if you get caught, we don’t accept any responsibility.

Sneaky Platform Is Everything

The first big thing to becoming a world class sneaky work place casino game player is to stop using your work computer, and start using your mobile phone. Since bosses and colleagues usually associate a work computer with work, it stands to reason that they are less suspicious about things that happen on a mobile phone. People look at their phones regularly at work, and so much can be got away with where mobile phones are concerned.

So next time you’re thinking you need a little sneaky break at work, get out your phone, be sure to put the sound off, lean back casually, put your phone below desk level, and hit the online casinos. If someone walks in, simply hit the screen-off button, and look up as if you were just sending a test message, potentially to a client. Now you’re starting to slack off with the professionals. But wait, there is more still to learn before you can call yourself a true master.

Facial Expressions Matter

Now, when moving into advanced lessons, one has to take into consideration that the fact that work is not meant to be enjoyable. Yes, it is expected that if you are being productive, there will not ever be a smile on your face. Work drains smiles from people, as it is supposed to do. And you should already be making the connection, since casino games are fun, and encourage smiles.

When playing your sneaky casino game on your mobile phone, you must be very careful to grab hold of your emotions, and not allow a smile to creep to the surface. No matter what happens, no matter how well you do in the chosen casino game, you must contain all your excitement internally. Nothing will give you away faster than suddenly grinning like a schoolboy.

Of course, should you win a jackpot in your casino game, and suddenly find yourself to be wealthy beyond measure, you are fully allowed to leap up and cheer to your hearts content. After all, you wont be at that job much longer, since quitting and heading off on a world cruise will be top of the priority list. But in all other cases, smiles and cheers are strictly forbidden.

Disguises Are For True Pros

So now you have down the preferred platform for being sneaky, and have honed you expressionless casino game playing face. But there is yet more to learn. Namely, the art of going one step beyond, and disguising your sneakiness. Yes, an enthusiast can simply keep their mobile phone below desk level when playing, but the master will know that the activity itself can be disguised entirely, so as to be completely undetectable.

Try taking a work related folder or file, holding it open on the desk, and placing the mobile phone inside the folder. In this fashion the slacker appears to be hard at work studying a work folder, but is in fact in the midst of a casino game playing session. Again, facial expression is key here, since no one in the history of work has ever been thrilled about looking in a folder.

Keep Your Sessions Brief

And last but not least, a true professional knows never to push their luck beyond a logical point. Keep your work related slacking sessions to short, brief periods of time, lest the disguise will surely begin to wear thing, and someone will catch on.

If using the techniques well, and keeping sessions brief, however, a master could go years as a secret work place casino game player, without ever being caught, or even suspected. Good luck, and remember the most important rule of all; practice makes perfect.