Casino Jargon You Need to Know

Casino Jargon You Need to Know

Bright, colourful, and sometimes confusing, casino jargon is used by players all over the world. If you play casino games, you’re bound to come across it at some point.

We’ve put together a handy glossary so you don’t need to feel left out when you hear various words and phrases used by dealers and other players. Learn the meanings of some of the most common jargon, and soon you’ll be talking like a pro player.

Action: A general term for gambling. It’s also used in reference to the total amount of all bets that have been placed on a table.

Ante: The opening bet in card games.

Banker: The dealer in some card games, such as baccarat and Punto Banco, the dealer is known as the Banker. Players can bet on either their hand or the Banker’s hand to win. Banker is not another term for the casino cashier.

Bankroll: The amount of money a player uses for gambling during one session.

Beginner’s Luck: When a player wins during their very first gambling session.

Breaking the Deck: A dealer breaks the deck when they reshuffle the cards during a game. This usually only happens if something interrupts the game or if the dealer thinks a player may be counting cards.

Cage: The cage is a nickname for the casino cashier. In many casinos, metal bars were used on cashier windows for security purposes.

Cashier: The casino office or online casino page where players can buy and cash out chips or credits.

Comps: Comps are anything complimentary received from a casino. They could take the form of free games, bonuses, gift certificates, or even food and beverages.

Croupier: An alternative name for a dealer. It’s often used in card and table games such as baccarat and craps, and is limited almost entirely to casinos in Europe.

Deuce: The number two. The term is most commonly used in dice games such as craps and card games such as poker.

Double Down: A move in blackjack, whereby the player doubles their bet and takes a third card to improve the total of their hand.

Face Cards: Also known as court cards, face cards are those named after members of the old royal courts, namely Jack, Queen, and King.

Flop: In some poker games, the first three face-up community cards are known as the Flop.

George: If you hear dealers or other casino staff referring to a player as George, it means that player has a reputation for tipping well. Of course, tipping isn’t something you have to worry about when playing casino games with us online.

High Roller: A high roller is a player who places large bets.

Hole Card: In card games where one of the cards is dealt face down, such as blackjack, that card is known as a hole card.

House: Another name for the casino.

House Edge: How much chance a casino has of winning a specific game.

Shill: An actor paid by a casino to play games to give the impression that the casino is busy, implying that people are playing because they’re winning.

Stiff: A stiff is the opposite of a George. Used by casino staff, it’s a nickname for players who don’t tip. Again, tipping isn’t an issue when playing games at online casinos.

Washing the Cards: When a dealer arrives at a table for the first time, they don’t only shuffle the deck of cards in the usual way. The dealer also spreads the cards across the table and mixes them up. This thorough mixing of the cards is known as Washing the Cards.

You’ve learnt some of the important lingo; come play casino games with us now!