Choosing an Online Casino

Casino Época is, quite obviously, the best online casino available today and one that should be in every player’s line-up. But it’s best to have a few choice selections in your portfolio and to move between them, to keep things interesting and fresh for you and to take advantage of as many bonus offers as possible.

So how do you decide which online casinos to try out? The games and bonuses that they offer play a huge part, of course, but more than that you need to know that the destinations you consider are trustworthy and well-constructed. If you know all the background factors are in place you’ll be able to choose from the best options, based on your own personal preferences

Check that it’s Legal to Play

Online casino play is not allowed in every world region, so be sure you’re not falling fowl of the law. This should be pretty easy to check, and should obviously be the first step you take in the process of playing.

Check if it’s Licensed & Regulated

There are recognised authorities that set and monitor high standards and international stipulations for online casinos, and if you know a prospect is licensed and regulated you can trust that everything is properly above-board. Trusted bodies include the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and authorities based in Gibraltar, Antigua and Khanawake. The biggest thing to be wary of here is if a casino is licensed by an Eastern European authority – they tend to be a little less than savoury!

Check the Licensing

Independent auditors awarding their seal of approval for safety and fairness to an online casino is also an excellent sign. One of the most well-known of these organisations is eCOGRA, which stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, but there are several others too.

If the seal of approval is from a group that you don’t know, check up their legitimacy online. If they aren’t really respected, you shouldn’t really respect their endorsement very much.

Check Software and Support 

A known and trusted software platform will ensure smooth functionality and game randomness, and solid support will mean any issues that you run into are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. These should also be easy to see on the casino’s home page, and online reviews and personal testimonials are really helpful here too. Once you’ve checked all of this, move on to seeing what entertainment is on offer.