Common Slots Phrases and Terms

If you want to get started in playing at online casinos in general, the FAQ page on Casino Época is a great place to start. If you’re interested in slots in particular, this glossary will help too.

Bet Max

A betting option often seen on slot games, where you can choose to bet the maximum number of coins immediately instead of having to go through other options.

Bonus/Special Feature

A side game within the slot game that allows you to win more.

Classic/Reel Slots

Traditionally-inspired slot games with fewer Special Features and paylines than Video Slots.

Coin Size

The coin denomination that you must use for a specific slot game.


The units of currency used in slot games.

Coins Per Line

The amount of coins a player bets with on each payline.

Coin per Spin

The amount of coins used on every spin of a slot game.


The highest possible win on any slot game.

Loose Slot

A slot game that has an especially high Return to Player value.

Maximum Bet

The maximum amount of coins that can be bet in a slot game.


A slot with more than 1 payline.

Payback/ Return to Player

The percentage of wins a game pays out relative to how much money is put in.

Pay Line

The line on the slots reels where the icons must assemble in the pre-set pattern to trigger a win.

Pay Out

The amount of money you get for a specific win.

Pay Table

A table showing all the potential winning combinations for a slot game, and the payout for each one. Bonus features and maximum bet options are also usually shown.


Australian slang for slot games.

Progressive Slots

A group of slot games linked together on a network, with every bet from every player contributing to a huge central pot that grows faster than would be possible on a standalone game, and keeps growing until it is won.

Progressive Jackpot

Any game jackpot that grows with every bet that is made, with a portion of each wager going to the pot. Usually part of a Progressive Slot network. May be triggered randomly or by specific events in the slot game.

Progressive Ticker

A section of the slot game display that shows the current Progressive Jackpot value at all times .


The actual rotating components of a game on which the symbols appear. Slot games usually have between 3 and 5 reels.


A Special Feature seen on Video Slots, where a win or a side game is triggered when 2 or more of a specific Scatter symbol are seen anywhere on the reels, rather than just on activated paylines.


When the reels of a slot game are put into motion.

Stacked Wilds

Many Wild Symbols which are stacked on top of each other on the reels, triggering multiple winning opportunities.

Video Slots

Given the name because, on land, these are the machines that show animations of spinning reels rather than using physical reels for gameplay. They tend to be much more immersive than Classic Slots, with central themes, Special Features and a lot of attention to detail.

Wild Symbol

A single specific symbol that is able to stand in for all other regular icons on the reels and complete winning combinations on activated paylines.

Wild Multiplier

A Wild Symbol that performs the added function of applying a multiplier to any winning combination that it helps to complete, paying players out even more.

 Winning Combinations

The various ways to win that are shown on the slot game’s paytable.