Derek Webb and 3 Card Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world, and has been so for eons. It may be easily said that poker has been in existence since the beginning of time, but the truth is that poker, like any game, was once upon a time invented by someone. While the roots of established games are somewhat difficult to trace, the roots of newer games, and newer variations of established games, are a little easier to trace back. To 1994, for example, when Derek Webb invented the now popular game of 3 Card Poker.

The Invention of 3 Card Poker 

It may come us a surprise, but 3 Card Poker is still a relatively new game. Indeed, Webb only invented the game in 1994. It is said that Webb had a vision for a game that could combine the classic excitement and enjoyment of traditional poker games with the speed of other modern casino games.

In inventing the game, the above was of the utmost importance, but he also wanted a game with rules that were easy to learn and understand so that anyone could play, payouts that were large enough to actually attract a large number of players, and a house edge that would entice casinos to take on the game. It is with this vision that Webb’s 3 Card Poker came into existence.

The Long Journey

Of course, the journey of establishing 3 Card Poker was not quite as easy, and Webb, under his marketing entity titled Prime Table Games, found himself faced with many unsuccessful pitches and failures in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno.

The first person to show interest and actually take on the game was Barry Morris, who was then the Vice President of the Grand Casino Gulfport in Mississippi. Webb agreed to train the dealers himself and taught them the rules of the game, making sure everything was followed out correctly.

The Rest Is History 

The rest, as the popular saying goes, is history. 3 Card Poker continued to develop to become enormously popular in the United States of America and, in 1999, a company called Shuffle Master acquired the rights of the game. It was only in 2002, however, when United Kingdom gambling regulations changed, that 3 Card Poker could be introduced to the UK. Since then, 3 Card Poker has grown to become enormously popular around the world.