Dress Codes at Famous Casinos

Nothing says glamour like a gorgeous woman in a sequin-covered cocktail dress, leaning over the shoulder of her bow-tie wearing partner as he places his chips on the Roulette table. It’s a movie scene that has become synonymous with high society and a life of luxury, and each one of us has dreamed of being that man or that woman at some time. Perhaps you have imagined yourself dripping with diamonds as you throw down the winning hand at the Poker table?

It’s a tempting image and one that has drawn millions of players around the world to the bright lights of the casino. But does that style of casino still exist? Are there really still places in the world that you can don your cocktail dress and not be overdressed? At the Casino de Monte-Carlo that is definitely still the case. As a truly famous casino more than 150 years old, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is such a popular tourist destination that there are even tours around its halls. However, despite there being general areas that would be considered smart casual, the main casino rooms and the high roller tables are without a doubt black tie only. Even the most wealthy guests and high rollers are expected to don their finery and look the part.

There are also some famous casinos that aren’t so strict. The famous Bellagio on the Strip in Las Vegas has set the scene for several movies, including Oceans Eleven. And while the cast of the film were well dressed for their visits to the casino, it is not required that you wear a formal suit. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a cocktail swigging tourist in sandals and shorts to be seen wandering table to table. It’s a city where anything goes, and that includes what you wear. Other casinos in the city, such as the MGM Grand, for example have similar dress codes. While they may require you to at least wear closed shoes, they aren’t particular about what that footwear looks like!

On the topic of famous casinos, some of the most well known gaming establishments are now online. At Casino Epoca there’s no dress code required, or no dress at all! You can play from the comfort of your own home, and you can pick your dress code yourself. You can wear whatever you like, or nothing at all, and still enjoy a realistic, authentic gaming experience!