Electric Diva Slot Review


We don’t really know where best to place Electric Diva. What makes a good sci-fi slot? Is it the aliens? Electric Diva has plenty of that. Is it the futuristic machinery? That’s a big affirmative. Perhaps it’s the giant, earth destroying bugs and bats that make this a sci-fi gig. Or maybe a guitar that shoots super charged laser beams after laying down sick riffs.
Oh, that’s it! It’s the feeling of Blade Runner via Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure via Xena Warrior Princess via Are You Afraid of the Dark that puts this slot in a genre all by itself. You can call it sci-fi. You can call it cyber punk. You can even call it a horror show, but we have at least one word for it, and that’s rad!

So step with us to a time in the not so distant future where epic guitar solos can slay demon alien robots from another dimension (or is that outer space?). Regardless, sitting down to Electric Diva from Microgaming is an experience you are not soon to forget. But what makes this slot so different from all of the other sci-fi slots out there? Is the Electric Diva, with her shiny suit and fingerless gloves really that epic? Yes. Yes she is. Now it’s time to save the world from creepy, machine, alien demigods. Let’s take a look at what this game has to offer.

The Transformation

Upon starting your most excellent adventure, you’ll be introduced to the two divas. We say two, but they are actually one and the same. It might be hard to believe that the sleek, dark haired hero to the left transforms into the blue, axe guitar wielding, lighting shooting, horned, tattooed demigod on the right, but hey, appearances can be deceiving.
If you really think about it, the world of super heroes is filled with the super good and the super evil hiding behind the mask of anonymity. Is Bruce Wayne not both an eccentric millionaire and the hero that Gotham needs? So why can’t our guitar goddess crank it up to eleven and zap invading aliens from the sky? She can and she does. And by the looks of those guitar skills, she does it on a regular basis.


Electric Diva from Microgaming plays like your typical five reel and forty payline offering. Except it doesn’t – because your typical five reel and forty payline offering doesn’t include epic electric guitar riffs that can level cities. Once you’ve made it passed the intro screen, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of musical shredding the likes of which you haven’t heard since that time you were backstage at that arena rock concert in high school and you’re pretty sure the lead guitar player winked at you but you can’t remember because shortly thereafter you passed out.

The setting is Spark City. The sky is purple and hazy and the streets look to be all but abandoned. We’d have gone inside too had robot aliens, giant scorpions and horrifying bats the size of cars descended on our city. The forty paylines available to the player are easily visible and there’s a wide variety of betting options available.

Where the real fun begins is the mini bonus game. Land three or more of the alien bonus features and you’re transformed into the electric diva! Use your electric laser guitar to smite the alien invaders from the heavens and unlock additional free spins and multipliers.
The payouts can be big and the fun is absolutely guaranteed. So what are you waiting for? Grab your guitar, its time for a bit of Electric Diva!