Why Evolution Gaming is Taking Over

There have been many advancements in the online casino industry over the years. The introduction of mobile gaming, casino apps and 3D slots has all had a major impact on how players gamble online. But perhaps the biggest development was the introduction of live dealer casinos.

Live casinos provide the perfect combination of the atmosphere a land-based casino has and the convenience of an electronic casino. Until recently though, live casinos were not as accessible and user-friendly as one would expect. This was until Evolution Gaming entered the market.

If you were one of the brave souls to give live casinos a go before Evolution Gaming came onto the scene, you will know just what they have achieved in the short time they have been around. Previously, live dealer casinos were restricted to just a handful of games where dealers stared into a single camera while players tried waited patiently for something to happen. What you will experience today is a something completely different. Want to know why Evolution Gaming taking over the live casino industry? Lets have a look and see!

Gaming Options

We just have to look at the number of games on offer to see why Evolution Gaming is ahead of the pack. No other live casino supplier has the same number of games and variations in their line-up. Evolution Gaming offers Live Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em and more. They also offer multiple variations of each game, with both single player tables and multiplayer tables.

Software and Video Streaming

Even if we equal out the number of games, Evolution is still miles ahead when it comes go gaming quality. Consider the fact that each game features multiple camera options. Players can select multiple views on each table with dedicated cameras above the table or roulette wheel. The video streaming software provides smooth HD streaming and can be adjusted for low Internet speeds. Combine this with the intelligent software and multiple betting options, and there is really no competition.

The Dealers

One thing you will notice about Evolution Gaming is the quality of the dealers themselves. Not only are the dealers pleasing to look at, they are professional, intelligent and engaging. This is because each dealer has undergone extensive training at the casino’s studios. The dealers are trained how to interact with the camera, how to engage the players and how to conduct a professional casino game.

When you put all the parts together, they quality of the games, the dealers, the number of games available, it is easy to see why Evolution Gaming is miles ahead of anyone else in the industry.