The Evolution of Slot Machines

More than a century’s worth of gaming action, tradition, and innovation is packed into the reels of the online slots that you can play at Casino Época. The timeline of how slots evolved is as exciting and as colourful as the games themselves.

Find out more about the popular games and how they went from a relatively simple invention in a San Francisco workshop to thrilling games you can play on computer and mobile devices now.

  1. Charles Fey Invents the Slot Machine

You can play slots at Casino Época thanks to the determination of Charles Fey, a 19th century San Francisco garage owner who enjoyed inventing things. Sometime around 1890, he produced the machine that became known as the Liberty Bell.

At the heart of the machine were three reels that spun when the player pulled a lever, and an automatic payout mechanism. The reels featured hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and cracked Liberty Bells.

  1. Sittman and Pitt’s Poker Machine

In 1891, Brooklyn-based Sittman and Pitt produced a poker machine with a fairly complex mechanism that consisted of five drums that held playing cards. It was played by inserting a nickel and pulling a lever to produce a five-card poker hand.

  1. The Bell Machines of Herbert Mills

In 1907, a slot machine known as the Operator Bell was developed by Herbert Mills of Chicago. Players flocked to play Mills’ bell machines, as they were known. It was also around this time that the chewing gum-paying Trade Stimulator machine was released.

  1. The Electric Money Honey Machine

In 1963, the very first electric slot machine was unveiled by Bally. Named Money Honey, the machine could pay out up to 500 coins automatically, and it was the first to have a bottomless hopper.

  1. Video Slots Debut

In 1976, Fortune Coin Co., a company based in Las Vegas, developed the first video slot machine in Kearny, California. Mounted in a slot machine body, the machine featured a Sony Trinitron colour receiver that had undergone modification.

  1. Slots Join the Internet Revolution

1994 saw at least two major slots developments. The first was the launch of Australia-based Aristocrat’s Three Bags Full video slot, which was the first machine to feature a bonus game on a second screen.

The second development was the launch of the world’s inaugural online casino, which propelled slots onto the Internet, and toward further innovations. Today, you can enjoy 100’s of slot games online and on your mobile and at Casino Época you’re sure to find your favourites.