Exploring Slots Game Themes

As far as modern slot games go, just about everything can be used for a theme. Modern slot games, being digital in nature, are extremely versatile, which means that a theme can be applied with a minimal amount of work. This gives developers enormous freedom, so allowing the vast variety of game themes we see today.

There are, however, a few game theme categories that are very popular with regular players. These include the classic fantasy genres, as well as the traditional slot themes that have existed for decades. Let’s have a look at some of the most predominant slot game themes available today.

Fruit Games

When playing slot games, it is easy to notice that fruit is one of the most commonly used themes. Few really think about it, but it is odd that fruit makes such a common appearance in games of chance. After all, what is the link between fruit and spinning reels? There is, however, an interesting reason that fruit is the most common slot game theme, and has been for many years.

In the days of old, there were slot games that used to pay out in chewing gum, as opposed to money. The symbols of the game represented the flavor of chewing gum that would be paid out, such as cherry, melon, and so on. The chewing gum slot games stopped being made, but the tradition of using fruit as symbols lived on.

Today, of course, there are dozens of slot games that still use fruit as a theme, although it would be highly unusual to win chewing game at an online casino. Either way, fruit and slot games are all but inseparable, even if most don’t even realize why.

Popular Bands And Musicians

Bands have about as much connection to slot games as fruit, but this doesn’t stop the music industry from playing a prominent role in the slot game world. Many slot games use popular modern bands as a theme, which is certainly a great deal of fun.

Many classic and well-loved bands have been transformed into slot games, and players clearly love it, given how popular the games are. From classic rock bands, to industry legends like Dolly Parton, there is hardly a famous musician that does not have a slot game equivalent. Some bands even provide the soundtrack to the game, allowing players to enjoy amazing music while facing off against lady luck.

Popular Movies

As far as movie themes go, slot games and movies go together like peanut butter and jam. That is to say;; they fit together perfectly. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a few familiar faces when playing a slot game, especially if those faces happen to be some of the most well known actors in Hollywood. From super hero films, to action and adventure films, all are prime slot game real estate.

Some slot games even have short clips from the film, smashing cinema and casino games together in one potpourri of entertainment. It makes for a great slot game playing experience, and is perfect for fans that wanted another taste of the cinema experience the loved so much. If there is a movie out there that audiences loved, chances are there is a slot game to go along with it.

Classic Slot Game Themes

Along with fruit games, there is another breed of slot games that have survived since slot games were first invented. These are games that use horseshoes, the liberty bell, and other familiar, instantly recognizable symbols. These images are also a tradition, carried down from one of the first slot games ever invented.

The very first slot game used playing cards as symbols, relating slot games to a game of poker. The second version of slot games, however, did away with playing cards in favor of a few eye catching and interesting symbols, including horseshoes and the other usual suspects. And, as with the fruit games, these symbols have remained slot game tradition to this very day. If nothing else, slot games certainly stay true to their roots.

Fantasy And Adventure

Many play slot games as an escape, and what is more fitting for escapism than fantasy themes? Including King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail, as well as all manner of magicians, dragons and fairies, fantasy themes are extremely popular in the slot game world. The magician Merlin likewise makes frequent appearances, and slot game players have quickly learned to love him.

There is no one main fantasy theme, but rather a vast range over dozens of different slot games, Either way, slot game players can’t seem to get enough of the magical, and fantasy themes are sure to be a slot game staple into the future. After all, nothing brings luck like a unicorn.