Gambling Game Comparisons

Gambling has been around for practically as long as humans have walked the earth, in some form or another. Ancient dice made from bone have been discovered centuries old, suggesting that gambling games existed long before we were even dreaming up the wheel. There are, however, a number of different forms of gambling that have arisen over the years, not all of which can really be said to fit into the same category.

Casino games such as slot games, for example, have what is known as a house edge, or percentage of the time that the player will always lose. House edges are very necessary, of course, since the casino has to stay in business somehow. But other gambling games don’t work on a house edge system at all, and are based around fixed odds systems, such as sports betting.

Sport betting, unlike slot games, is essentially impossible to predict 100% of the time, one way or the other, since any number of unexpected things could occur in a sports match. The odds placed on competing teams are based on predictions and potential outcomes, but there really is no guarantee that even a bet said to be a “sure thing” will indeed be a sure thing. This raised the question as to which gambling games are better as far as the player is concerned, and which are more likely to payout, and put more cash in the pocket of the average person. Let’s take a closer look at the types of gambling games, and which are the more generous to your wallet.

Casino Games – Poker Versus Slot Games

  • Poker

As far as casino games go, poker is the most fair to the player, with the house edge sitting at exactly 0%. But this is assuming you are playing against other players. Very simply, there is no house edge if you are competing against other casino goers, since the casino is not making a play for the pot at all. In the case of poker being played in a casino, the casino will take a small percentage of each pot, generally around a standard 5% – 10%.  Hence, poker is an entirely skill based game in this case, and a person who is good at poker can clean up consistently.

We are not talking about video poker of course, this is something completely different. At an electronic gambling console there is a fixed house edge, as there always will be in electronic based games in a casino. If you are looking for a 0% house edge game, poker is the only one you will find in a casino. The real question is; are you as good as the other players at the table? Knowing how staggeringly good some players are, it might just be wiser to face a fixed odds game.

  • Slot Games And Video Poker

Slot games are the most popular in any casino, and work on a relatively simple to understand concept. It comes down to this; most slot games have a fixed RTP rate, or return to player rate, which determines how often they give money back to the player. Online slot games generally have about a 94% RTP rate, which means that 6% of the time they are not returning to the player. But, if you’ve played a slot game you will probably raise your eyebrow at such a statistic. Just keep in mind that even though the slot game is giving money to the player, it does not necessarily mean that the amount given is covering the initial bet.

Sports Betting – Horse Racing Versus Football

  • Horse Racing

Like other sports betting gambling games, it is very difficult to 100% accurately predict which horse will win a given race. This stands to reason, because if it was possible, horse racing would be a very badly designed gambling game. What is possible is making an educated, well thought out bet based on the statistics of each horse.

Simply placing a wild bet on a horse may be fun, but there is much more involved if you want a good crack at winning, and in this aspect horse racing can be a very deep and interesting form of gambling.

  • Football

Betting on games such as football has some similar aspects to horse racing betting, being that a serious bettor will research competing teams in great detail before putting down a bet. Many will simply bet on the most likely to win team, based on odds, but a great bettor will spot an underdog team due for a comeback, and score an enormous payout.

Matter Of Preference

At the end of the day each type of gambling game has its pros, cons, and appeal to the average bet maker. Some will dedicate hours to being better at poker, and feel triumphant upon winning a big pot due entirely to skill. Others are happy spending a few hours spinning the slot game reels, which is nothing but statistics ticking away. Whatever you prefer is a matter of preference; as long as you’re having fun.