Why Gambling Laws Change

Gambling laws are there for a reason. They exist to protect both players as well as the casino establishments, regardless of whether they are land-based or online platforms.

Gambling laws are summated in the Gambling Act, which refers to the set of laws that govern how the whole country – or state – treats gambling. However, gambling laws are not set in stone, and they are continuously scrutinised to see which changes can or should be made, how these are implemented, and where improvements are necessary.

History of Casinos

Initially, it was common for players to head to their local casinos and enjoy some fun and entertaining games. They could play a variety of games that were on offer, with the most popular ones always being classics such as slot machines and card and table games such as Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. Initially, gambling laws had to exist to cover these casino establishments. They were localised laws as they only had to apply to a local institution, and were relatively easy to manage.

The Rise of the Online World

However, the rise of online casino platforms changed all of that. Suddenly, the rise of a new technology and therefore new type of casino forced gambling laws to change and expand. There were no laws in place to regulate an online sphere because no online sphere existed before the first online casino platform was established. In this instance, it is the rise of a new platform that caused the gambling laws to change.

New rules had to be established with regards to how online casino platforms could operate, and the prior land-based laws could not simply be applied to the online casinos as well, primarily because online casino platforms move far beyond a simple localised audience. Indeed, online casino platforms have players from all around the world, and so laws have to exist in each of those countries to ascertain where players can and cannot play, or where they can play and with which restrictions, and how changes in other countries affect local players playing on international platforms.

Mostly, the laws that apply to the online casino platform include both the laws of the country where the online casino platform is hosted, for instance, whether it is a UK casino or a US casino or an Australian casino, as well as the country from which players are from. Some casinos will be restricted in some countries due to that country’s individual laws, and this then affects the game play of those players.

The Rise of New Technologies

It is, however, not only the rise of new actual casino platforms that cause gambling laws to change. In many ways, it is also the rise of new technologies. While it may be said that online casino platforms and, indeed, mobile casino platforms can be directly linked to the establishment of a new technology, these are still changes in platform.

Other somewhat external technologies can also have an effect on gambling laws. For example, the introduction of Google Glass eyewear forced regulators to sit down and reassess jurisdiction of how this new technology affected casino play. Eventually it was decided that Google Glass would not be permitted in casinos, but it is the rise of the new technology that forced the change in regulations.

Business Aspects

Very often changes in laws are related to a business aspect of some kind, as casinos, like other industries, are highly competitive. It is therefore favourable to keep on adjusting the laws to create the most favourable market to boost the industry and, therefore, the economy of the country in question.