Go Wild with Adventure Palace

It was not too long ago that a real adventure involved exploring unknown lands with wild animals where safety and security were never guaranteed and the possibility of danger lurked around every corner.

While the days of heading into unknown lands are all but behind us, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the excitement and thrill of discovery right in your own home. We have found that the dark jungles, stunning creatures and mysterious lands of days gone by can be brought back to life in Adventure Palace by Microgaming!

So grab your safari hat, a sturdy walking stick, plenty of water, and let’s jump in to one of the most exciting and daring adventures you’re likely to have while relaxing in your favourite chair.

The Jungle Awaits

As soon as you load up this slot, you’ll notice it’s absolutely drenched in green. From palm fronds to tall forest trees, you’ve already stepped from your living room into the lush forests and jungles of another time and place. Even the classic elements of the game, such as the card faces that serve as lower value symbols, feature touches of nature. There’s something very calming about a King, Queen or Jack being quietly wrapped a creeping, leafy vine. It helps to pull the player into the game by fully immersing them in all things jungle.

But aside from the classic symbols, the real stars of the show in these Indian forests are the stunning animals that are native to the subcontinent. The first, and probably one of the most recognisable of these creatures is the Indian peafowl or blue peafowl. You might know them better as a peacock. The peacock is actually just the name of the male of the species. The females, which are not brightly coloured, but a rather dull brown and white are known as peahens.

Another stunning bird making an appearance in Adventure Palace is the sarus crane. This bird is also native to the Indian subcontinent and can be recognised by its bright red head, which is in contrast to its mostly white body. During courtship, sarus cranes indulge in a combination of trumpeting calls and dancing movements. These dancing movements include a series of jumps and bows that are sure to delight potential mates as well as any lucky onlookers. In this slots game they can be seen with their necks intertwined in just such a dance!

But nothing says adventure and perhaps danger more than the striped tigers and powerful elephants of the region. While elephants are commonly used for work in the agricultural areas of the country, there are also wild elephants that still live in the forests and jungles. The fierce Bengal tiger, seen looking out of the dense green brush, also lives and hunts in the wilds of India.

With so many stirring and wild symbols on these reels, it’s no wonder our sense of adventure is at an all-time high!

High Adventure Features

Adventure and risk go hand and hand, and this is also the case with Adventure Palace’s Gamble feature. If you’re feeling bold, lucky or both, you can try your hand at doubling or even quadrupling your winnings. All you have to do is guess the right colour or right suit of the hidden card. But if you guess it wrong, you can kiss those winnings goodbye.

While you’re spinning, keep your eyes peeled for the majestic Indian elephant as it serves as the Wild symbol, and we all know that Wilds can mean big wins!

So put on those walking boots and let’s get going. Big adventure awaits with Adventure Palace!