High and Low Stakes Gaming Explained

It is a bit limiting to simply lump players into a high or low stakes group. Very few players remain in any one of these sections, as people sometimes feel lucky and will test that luck with occasional big wagers.

Other players prefer to reserve their big wagers for the games they know, and will only take part in penny wagers when they try out an unfamiliar game.

Whatever your preference, let’s have a look at what differences there are in these two wagering styles.

High Risk and High Reward

Let’s start with High Stakes wagering. Essentially, this means that you bet a large sum of money on each play.

When you look at, for instance live dealer games, high stakes gaming is generally the norm as the minimum accepted wager is already quite high to begin with. High stakes gaming means yes, you do lose more on each hand but obviously when you win, your payout is far greater too.

High stakes gaming is often an exhilarating experience and it certainly gets your adrenalin pumping. It’s a typical case of risk equalling reward, as the higher the stakes, the larger the win.

Unlock Additional Benefits

Many online casino games will reward high stakes play by increasing the odds of winning a hand or roulette or slot spin.

Slot games especially will feature additional elements when you play at the maximum bet value, like bigger payouts and additional rewards when you hit an in-game bonus.

Low Value Regular Wins

My personal favourite way to play is with low stakes bets. To me this means that I get to play more games that result in smaller wins that stack up.

Again, slots games are perfect examples of low stakes wagering turning into successful gaming, not just because of the regular small wins, but also because many slots games start off with minimum wager values as low as 0.01.

Know What You Are Playing For

Low stakes wagering does limit your gaming options at times, for instance in the case of the above mentioned live dealer games, but I enjoy getting to play these games more than hitting those life changing jackpots.

To take the example of slots again, many progressive jackpot slot games will increase your odds of winning the massive progressive jackpot the more you stake on each spin, so low stakes gaming is definitely not for people who want to retire on a tropical island, but more for people who want to have fun and win some extra cash while they are doing so!