The Importance of Casino Game Audits

There is often mistrust when it comes to casino games, particularly online casino games, as they rely so heavily on electronic software that could potentially be rigged or broken. This includes factors such as the Random Number Generator(RNG) and given elements such as the payout percentages.

Since it needs to be certified that casino games using Random Number Generators do, in fact, have random results, and that payout percentages are in fact what they say they are, auditing becomes very important. Only through testing and verification can players, be ensured they have the best possible winning chances.

Auditing Companies 

All online software developers will need to check their casino games themselves, and they are responsible for doing this when first developing the game. This will ensure that there are no glitches. Often reliable software developers will test their games accurately, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Therefore, in order to have a basis of trust, aspects such as the Random Number Generators and payout percentages should be audited by an external company. This will ensure the fairness of the game. Examples of external auditing companies include eCogra and TST.

Testing RNG’s 

Random Number Generators ensure that the results of a casino game are, in fact, random, and not predetermined in some way, which is likely to tilt the edge towards to the casino and be unfair towards us. For example, if we need to land a set symbol to activate the bonus feature but the Random Number Generator is set to favour less-rewarding symbols, then the game play will be biased and we will not have much of a winning chance.

Even if a reputable online casino is in question, external auditors are still preferable. These will check if there is any bias towards certain cards or numbers and determine whether or not there are any set patterns or possible predictions.

If this is the case, then the Random Number Generator is not working properly or may even be rigged. If this is not the case, then the Random Number Generator is working correctly and we can safely enjoy the game.

Testing Payout Percentages 

Payout percentages are openly published and visible for each casino game. The payout percentage result will give the percentage that we would be able to win by betting 100 coins over time. This is seen as an average percentage. The actual payout percentage will differ from casino game to casino game, and we will need to check the percentage for each game they play.

External auditors will check that these given payout percentages are actually true. These will be verified on an on-going basis to ensure that, over time, the percentage stays accurate. Most reputable casinos will publish the results regularly, often monthly, so we can read them and know we are playing a trusted and verified game.

If All Works Well 

If a casino game has been tested and the Random Number Generator works perfectly and the payout percentage is accurate, then we can be assured that we are playing a game where we actually have a chance of winning. If not, then the game might give the house an unfair advantage and we may end up losing in the long run.

As always, we should look for online casinos that are licensed, have all the proper regulations in place, and are audited by an external auditing company to ensure fair game play. By insisting that online casinos that meet these requirements, we will play a part in ensuring that casino games remain fair and enjoyable, and that we will continue to enjoy fair winning chances without bias or of a rigged nature.