The Importance Of Terms And Conditions

Any reputable online casino worth its salt will have a clear Terms and Conditions page, and all parameters of play should be clearly outlined.

There should be clear and sensible language used with a clear setting out of the rules and regulations of the site.

Application Of The T&C’s

The terms and conditions are set in place so that users of the casino can understand what behaviour is allowed, how the casino is run legally, what recourse you have if you have any problems and most importantly, how the finances work. This can include how winnings are withdrawn, how long this will take, how and when you can make deposits, and of course how the bonus offers work.

Without a clear understanding of the terms and conditions, you may find yourself left in the dark.

Decoding Bonus Offers

For many players the most important function of the terms and conditions is to set out how the bonus offers work. You probably know that most online casinos have special bonus offers.

These deals offer free spins, free cash, free prizes, while others offer free cash after you make a deposit into your account. No one will give you free money. This system would bankrupt any business.

Get The Most From Your Bonuses

The terms and conditions page will explain what actions a player must take to take full advantage of the bonus offer and how he or she can gain full access to his or her account.

For example, most deposit or no deposit bonus offers award you with a certain amount of cash paid to you. This cash can be spent as if it was real cash.

The catch is that you cannot make any withdrawals before you meet certain wagering or playthrough requirements. This is to prevent players from withdrawing their bonus money and abandoning the account without actually using it at the casino.

Meeting The Requirements

To get access to a bonus amount you will often first need to wager a certain amount of your own money. This amount is usually a multiple of the bonus amount you received and there may even be limitations on what games you can play to make up this amount.

The Value Of The T&Cs

Just from this standard example, the importance of being familiar with a casino’s terms and conditions page is clear. A little bit of reading will have you clued up on how your favourite casino is run, and you can make sure that you’re eligible for any available bonuses and can use them to your advantage.