How The Internet Of Things May Change Gaming

The Internet Of Things refers to the dramatic increase and development in the Internet’s function and the impact that it has on everyday life.  It is estimated that in as little as a couple of years from now, 75% of the world’s population will have some form of access to the Internet.  A truly astounding idea when you think about it.  The Internet has become a global language in itself, albeit an unconventional one, and its changing life as we know it.  Everything from business models to interpersonal relationships is being placed under the looking glass, sliced up and put back together differently than before.

Gaming has not been spared by the changing times and the casino industry too, has been greatly affected by the Internet Of Things and will most likely continue to be changed by it in the future.  One needs only to consider how one seemingly insignificant word has changed the entire gaming landscape to appreciate the previous statement: online.

First In Line For Change

Historically speaking, it’s always been the casino and gaming and entertainment industries that have been at the forefront of early adaptation.  With the dawn of the telegram it was the Wall Street traders and the sports betting bookies that realized first how the level of connectivity would impact and broaden the scope of their business.

The last 20 years has marked the birth and growth of online gaming.  This has slowly changed even the perceptions held by society concerning gambling and gaming in general.  The perception that gaming is to be confined to dodgy sports tracks or dingy holes in the ground is no longer a prevailing one.  Technology has turned online gaming and gambling into a mainstream R&R.

It’s mostly been thanks to the anytime-anywhere factor.  Bingo and Poker were the first games to see significantly increased levels of interest from a market that had hardly shown any interest in frequenting Bingo halls or conventional Poker tables.

The wave of interest soon spread into all other gaming avenues as well, especially with the wash-over into mobile technology.  High-performance smart phones have been at the forefront of the developments and mobile online gaming now accounts for more than a third of all money wagered on a global level.

When considering the growth seen over the last 20 years one is given licence to let your imagination run wild as to what the Internet Of Things will mean for gaming over the 20 to follow.