Why Jacks Or Better Is A World Favourite

If you’re a true, die-hard video poker fan then you’ll know that there are well over fifty different variations to enjoy. Each veteran player has their own personal favourite – but ask any video poker fanatic theirs and you may be surprised at how often Jacks or Better comes up!

Even if you’re new to the world of video poker, Jacks or Better is a great place to begin your gaming journey. It offers generous payouts, a great house edge, and it’s easy to find at your favourite online casino. After all, thousands of seasoned players can’t be wrong! Read on for 7 great reasons to make Jacks or Better your next game choice when you log in to enjoy casino games online.

#1: Exceptional Payouts

If you’re looking to win big, Jacks or Better is an excellent choice, with an ideal payout ratio of 99.54%. In terms of house edge, that’s a much lower edge than baccarat, French Roulette, craps, blackjack, or even online slots, making for much higher returns and more regular wins.

The trick is to look for an online video poker game with a 9/6 payout schedule, which will pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush. This is an easy way to boost your winnings and bring home the bacon more often!

#2: Easy To Learn And To Play

If you’re only now beginning to experience the world of online video poker, Jacks or Better is an excellent choice to start with, as there are no confusing bonus jackpots, multipliers, or multi-hand game modes to worry about.

Furthermore, no bonuses and no multipliers make payouts exceptionally straightforward: your coin size will be directly proportionate to the payouts you enjoy for each winning hand. All you need to do to play is select your bet, click Deal to receive your cards, choose which ones to hang on to and which to discard, and play your final hand.

#3: Fun Variations To Try

Jacks or Better is simple, but you may be wondering whether you won’t get bored with it after a while. Online software developers love to offer their players variety, which is why you’ll find so many different variations of this classic game at top online casinos.

Try a multi-hand version with familiar rules, allowing you to play up to 10 hands at a time for some spectacular wins. There are also versions that offer features like increasing multipliers, random multipliers, bonus cards, and even progressive jackpots to provide non-stop entertainment.

#4: Progressive Jackpots On Offer

As mentioned above, certain creative versions of Jacks or Better boast progressive cash prizes that definitely top a simple 4,000 coin payout. The size of the progressive pot will depend on how popular the game and the casino are, and how long ago the jackpot was last won. However, in almost all cases it will be bigger than the game’s fixed top jackpot, which will provide you with the chance to fill your pocket with cool cash.

#5: History Of Jacks Or Better

What would the world’s most popular video poker game be without a fascinating history? Jacks or Better has graced casinos since the 1970s, but it has actually been traced back to the Mississippi river boats in the early 19th century.

Later on in the 70s, Si Redd’s Coin Machines changed the lowest payout on their Draw Poker machines to a pair of Jacks, allowing players to win far more regularly. This was the move that made Jacks or Better a global hit, and one that you can still enjoy at practically any casino today.