Licensing Jurisdictions Explained

Unlicensed casinos – especially online unlicensed casinos – are the cause of much misery.  It’s not always easy to tell an online casino by its colours at first glance, but the first sign that all is not what it should be is usually payment difficulties.  All will be smooth sailing until such time as a player indicates that it is now time to withdraw winnings.  The first sign of trouble usually rears its ugly head at this state, with operators conjuring up any and every excuse in the book as to why the withdrawal request cannot be completed at this time.

Hence the need for properly licensed casinos and online casinos governed by sound licensing jurisdictions.  The particular licensing jurisdiction makes a bigger difference than what one would think.  Not all licensing jurisdictions are created equal – with some endorsements not being worth the paper that it is stamped on.

It is therefore every bit as important to establish whether the casino or online casino is governed by a reputable licensing jurisdiction as what it is to form an idea around the aspects of quality software, special promotions and payment options.

The Value Of Being Informed

Players should first and foremost become familiar regarding the licensing authorities currently operating around the world.  It isn’t sufficient to simply be aware of the fact that your online casino of choice must be registered with a licensing body.

Most licensing jurisdiction authorities are reliable and more than willing to step up to the challenge of resolving problems when they do arise.  However, this is not the case with all licensing authorities across the board.

Malta Gaming Authority

The MGA is something of the gold standard in online casino licenses, and any brand that’s been licensed by this entity is sure to be safe, fair and well regulated. The MGA has a deep understanding of online gaming practices and has established an excellent name for itself over the years. One of the leading licensing bodies, the MGA is always at the forefront of changes in the industry; developments and anything that makes it tick.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Another well-respected name in online gaming, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been around since 1999 and regulates both land based and online gaming. This authority was one of the first to recognize the value in online casino games, and to date, thy have maintained the highest standards across all platforms. 

The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner has shown that it is a force to contend with – and progressively so over the last couple of years.  The GGC has a firm and solid work ethic and the infrastructure to keep the entire machine fully operational.  The GGC goes to a fair amount of effort to ensure that the sites that are endorsed by them are fair and the outcomes of games truly random.  If the milk were to spill – as it inevitably sometimes does, the GGC will be happy to help in order to assist and resolve any issues.

The UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission takes a no-nonsense approach to gambling shenanigans.  Any site carrying the UK Gambling Commission’s seal of approval operates completely within the legal limits of the gambling laws of Great Britain.  As such, anyone who finds themselves having been crossed by any online site carrying a UK Gambling Commission endorsement will have the full recourse allowed by UK law.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is located off the coast of England and is yet another safe haven for worried gamblers.  This Control Commission is held in high esteem by players and casinos alike – especially casinos concerned about their reputation among patrons visiting their sites.  Casinos who are members of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission take pride in their memberships – knowing that players frequenting their sites are able to rest easy concerning all matters relating to fairness and player safety.

Nevada Gaming Commission

The Nevada Gaming Commission is a true pioneer in the online gambling world – being the very first US State Commission to legalise online gambling in their area of jurisdiction.   They take pride in the fact that they were the first gaming commission to create a safe and fair environment for online players to go about gaming without having to worry about safety issues and the like.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The Isle Of Man Gambling Supervision Commission largely followed in the footsteps of The Nevada Gaming Commission – striving from the start to offer peace of mind that was on par with that offered by their Nevada pre-runner.

The Isle of Man is also home base to many design companies responsible for game designs and the development of properly licensed software and site operating systems.  The Isle Of Man Gambling Supervision Commission upholds a very strict work ethic and code of conduct.

Antigua Directorate Of Offshore Gambling

Don’t let the fancy name chosen by this licensing jurisdiction fool you.  It’s possible for almost any online casino site to become endorsed with this authority.  Once one of the best-known online casino licensing authorities, Antigua Directorate Of Offshore Gambling has not quite lived up t the standards of years gone by and has let things slide somewhat.

Government Of Curacao

This is a very informal part of the world as far as licences go – including casino licences.  They seem to subscribe to an attitude that’s very laid back and not to follow the strictest of guidelines. That being said, any casino licensed is better than one that is not, but rather stick to those that are backed by a trusted regulatory authority.