More About Live Online Casinos

One of the complaints some people have had about online casinos is that they lack the atmosphere of a real world, land based casino. This is, of course, true; online casinos do lack the electric ambience associated with real world casinos, but many players like online casinos for just this reason. Either way, live online casinos have come along, and the ambience of a real world casino is now possible via any device with sufficient Internet connectivity.

What exactly is a live online casino? The concept is simple; a real dealer works a casino game, and a feed of the game is streamed to players around the world. The images seen by the players are happening in real time, which means that the games can be bet on. The effect, obviously, is of being in a real world casino, interacting with a dealer.

More About Live Online Casinos

Live Casino Benefits

As far as casino games go, if you’ve played standard online casino games, you’ll be able to ply Live Dealer games. The games still operate exactly as they would, with all standard rules applied. The benefit is one of immersion, with many players finding the experience of interacting with a live dealer a great deal more enjoyable. Although the player cannot speak directly to the dealer, chat is possible, in most cases via a text-based system.

Bets, however, are done via an automated system. Upon a player placing a bet, the dealer is notified, and takes it into account. That is to say; betting is not done via text chat, but via a much more reliable and solid built in system.

How Do Live Casinos Function?

Beyond the already mentioned automated betting system, a live casino is a relatively complicated and difficult setup to achieve. In general a live casino requires two cameras, two camera operators, a technical expert to watch over the systems, a professional dealer, and a pit boss. The dealer is filmed, and the feed sent directly to a server, which in turn broadcasts the stream to players. It is an expensive and specialised setup, hence why live casinos are still not widespread. They are, however, rapidly growing in popularity.

Live Casino Drawbacks

Although live casinos are technically available to everyone, the major drawback is that a very fast and stable Internet connection is required. Live high quality video streaming is very taxing on bandwidth, and a good experience will not be had if the stream suffers lag or delays. Lower quality versions of feeds are available, but on the lowest settings the viewer may struggle to follow the game. It is, therefore, recommended that only those with fast Internet attempt to participate in live casinos. As a guideline, at least a 500kpbs Internet download speed should be used for watching live casinos on medium quality. In this case the viewer will be able to follow the game perfectly, and there should be no lag or delays in the feed. Remember that a delay can mean the viewer missing an important part of the game as it is played in real time.

For those wanting to watch the stream in high quality, or high definition, as it is also known, an internet connection of at least 1mbps is recommended. That’s megabyte per second, or 1,000kpbs. Be sure to adjust the video quality manually, if it is not done automatically by the browser.

Placing Bets

As already mentioned, live casinos have built in betting software, which provides easy betting options for players. Depending on the game, the betting options will be presented via a betting console. Simply place your bet via the interface.

Two important things to note are that, first, a live casino means that the game is going to go ahead regardless if you have placed your bet or not. In standard online casino games the player controls the pace of the game. But, in a live game, bets must be placed when the dealer calls for bets to be placed. The dealer will not wait if you are hesitating.

The second thing to note a live dealer is a real person, which means that the system is not perfect or flawless. Where there are humans, there is human error, although dealers at live casinos are trained and highly professional. If an event happens which can be called into question, players may call upon the pit boss.

Pit Boss

A pit boss has the job of resolving any and all disputes that arise during a live casino game. Upon being called the put boss will halt the game, resolve the issue, and allow the game to continue only after. Be sure to call on the pit boss only for a serious and legitimate reason, as halting the come can be frustrating for other players. Either way, the pit boss is always on standby to ensure that the game is 100% fair at all times.

Live casino games are taking the Internet by storm and it could well be that they are the future of table games!