The Martingale System: Good for Beginners?

The fantastic claims made about the Martingale betting system make it a tempting one for beginners. As popular as it may be among some players, you should think carefully before using it, especially if you are new to using betting systems or playing games such as roulette.

There are systems that are better suited to beginners. This is especially clear when we consider that Martingale is not the system of choice among experienced or professional players.

The Martingale System

Created by a casino owner, the Martingale system was reportedly used by Charles Wells when he broke the bank playing roulette at Monte Carlo. It is a negative progression system that is simple to use.

The system is usually associated with roulette, but can be used for any game with even money bets, such as baccarat, blackjack and craps.

To use the system, you place an initial bet, and if that bet loses, you double your stake for your second bet. If that bet loses, you double your stake again. Basically, you double your bet with every loss, and return to your original bet every time you win.

The idea is that the player’s bet will eventually win, and if that happens after several losses in a row, the payout could be significant.

What Makes Martingale Tricky

The big hope of the Martingale is exactly what makes it a tricky betting system, especially for beginners. It is hoped that a losing streak will not last too long, but there are absolutely no guarantees that this would be the case.

The need to double your bet after every loss could see your entire bankroll wiped out after just a few losing spins of the wheel. If that doesn’t happen, you could just hit the casino’s betting limit.

Either way, it would not do much for your winning chances.

A Martingale Alternative

If you are determined to try a betting system, the Anti-Martingale is a better option. It is still not going to guarantee you a win, but it is not necessarily going to wreak havoc on your bankroll.

All you need to do is double your bet after you land a win, rather than when you lose.

Whichever betting system you decide to use or not, remember this good advice – quit while you are ahead. If you land a decent win, cash out, and treat yourself to something nice.