Microgaming and VR Casino Game Technology

If you don’t already know who Microgaming is, you probably haven’t played many online slots games! Microgaming is a digital casino software developer, and has more than a few impressive achievements under its belt, including many industry awards. The company is known for pushing the boundaries in digital casino game technology, and is often referred to as a pioneer in the online casino world. You’ll know a Microgaming slots game by its impressive graphics, amazing sound design, and exceptionally intuitive user control interfaces.

It makes sense then, given that the company often acts as the cutting edge of innovative technology, that Microgaming is now also being heralded as the pioneers of VR technology in the world of digital casino games. If this sounds like science fiction to you, then its time to start taking stock of the world you live in.

Virtual reality is here, and it is already blowing minds around the world. And Microgaming have already delivered proof positive that virtual reality can be used to turn your living room into a fully functioning casino.

Virtual Reality Roulette

At the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London Microgaming all but stole the show with a fully functioning virtual reality roulette game. There are videos on YouTube of people experiencing and reacting to this game, and word is that the experience is a pretty incredible one. The game itself is indeed just an ordinary game of roulette, the context in which people were experiencing it, however, is something else entirely.

The croupier in the Microgaming roulette game was, of course, a robot. Why wouldn’t it be? And the setting of the game was floating around in space, complete with an orbiting asteroid field tumbling about the play area. It looks like a pretty incredible thing to witness first hand, and we can’t deny we’re a little jealous we’ve never got to play virtual reality roulette with a robot.

On the technical side the game worked using;

  • An Oculus Rift DK2 headset, combined with
  • A Leap Motion 3D Controller
  • A floor space allowing people to flail about without risking injury to other

If you’re thinking about hooking yourself up with a bit of virtual reality action, you might change your mind when you find out exactly how much these little digital contraptions are going to set you back. They’re not cheap, that’s for sure. But the word is that they’re going to get a great deal cheaper as the technology is more widely adopted.

So put a marker on your calendar for the year 2019, and we’ll meet you at the nearest orbiting roulette game.

Microgaming VR Slot Games

Other than the very impressive virtual reality roulette game, Microgaming has also created a few fully functioning VR slot games, some of which are already available to play online by those who have the required headsets.

A project called SlotsMillion is already out and fully operational, which allows players to move around a virtual casino and play Microgaming slot games. The experience is said to be pretty amazing, and although the slot games themselves are just plain ordinary slot games, the feeling of operating them in a digital space is one that is all consuming.

Microgaming Future VR Potential

Microgaming has already stated that they are going to continue developing for the VR platform, and given what they have already achieved, their future projects are likely to blow minds. Their virtual roulette project is going to be advanced and updated, likely allowing for more impressive settings and a more immersive experience.

Playing roulette while surrounded by orbiting asteroids was impressive, but imagine doing so at the bottom of the ocean, or perhaps in the middle of a teeming rainforest. The potential is limitless, and we can’t wait to see what ideas Microgaming come up with.

As far as future projects go we can currently only really speculate on exactly how the technology is going to be fleshed out, and in what ways Microgaming will use it. It stands to reason that virtual reality blackjack and poker versions are on the horizon, and are likely going to be presented in an equally creative fashion. Multiplayer versions of these games are also likely to be created, and this is where things really get interesting.

Make it Happen Microgaming

Imagine a fully functioning online poker game, in which you may play against other players from around the world in virtual reality, with the added freedom to make yourself look like the Incredible Hulk, should the fancy take you. It sounds like something truly incredible, and almost too good to be true. But the technology exists right now, and can be implemented in this way if a big enough company make it happen.

A company like Microgaming, for example. If you’re listening, Microgaming, we want a multiplayer online poker game in which we can look like the Incredible Hulk. Please make it happen at your discretion.