Are Mobile Casinos Taking Over From Desktop Casinos?

It has long been the norm for online players to sit at a desktop computer playing casino games any time of the day or night, enjoying the inherent speedy access and general convenience that they have to offer.

Since casino games became integrated into web browsers, it has never been easier to get in on the action, in literally a few seconds. Online players of times past would only be able to gape in envy. Fancy a game of Blackjack or Baccarat, and not up for fidgety busy work? No problem. You can be in a game and making your first bet in under a minute.

Still today, most online players prefer playing on their desktop computer. But, with the advancement of mobile technology, a new popular play platform is giving the desktop computer a run for its money.

Almost anything a desktop computer can do, a mobile device can do, within reason. Wireless mobile internet is now basically as fast as anything else out there, which means that any given casino game is now also accessible via a mobile device. There are, however, certain advantages and disadvantages that hold mobile devices back as the next major play platform.

Portability – A Blessing and a Curse

There is something very futuristically pleasing about having a device in your pocket that is essentially a portable desktop computer.

Not only can this device give you directions to nearly any location on the planet, but it can also grant lightening fast access to the internet, allowing it to answer obscure questions, do complicated maths equations in an instant, translate foreign dialect and, of course, allow you to play casino games anywhere, anytime.

But that isn’t entirely accurate, is it? It can grant access to the Internet where signal is available, and assuming the signal is strong enough to be worthwhile – wonder a bit too far from city centres and you’re in for a bit of down time.

Mobile devices really do have rather limited battery life. And, furthermore, devices with the most features tend to run dry far faster.

So yes, a person may have a few spins on a roulette wheel while standing in queue at the bank, but better keep in mind that they might have to stop playing before the battery hits the red zone if they wish to remain in contact with people via their mobile phone.

Mobile Phone vs. Desktop Computer

A desktop computer will certainly never run out of battery, assuming there are no power cuts. It also has a reliable Internet connection, superior processing power – in most cases – and isn’t afraid to allow a movie to be played alongside a casino game, assuming the screen is big enough.

In a nutshell, desktop computers have many advantages. A desktop computer, however, even a laptop, will never accompany you into a bank or grocery queue and offer much needed distraction.

The bottom line is this; yes, mobile phones are fast becoming popular, but given their inherent restrictions it seems unlikely they will ever become the standard. There really is no reason to use a mobile device when a desktop computer or laptop is nearby.
The trend is leaning towards mobile devices at present, but this is only likely because the platform is relatively new, and appeals to those who enjoy instant gratification. Although it may offer convenience, portability and versatility, mobile devices have yet to live up to reliability that a desktop computer can offer avid players.

So, in answer to the question as to whether mobile casinos are taking over from desktop, it seems at present they are neck and neck, but only time will tell if long term, they pip the trusty desktop top to the post.