How Much is the Casino Industry Worth?

Though it may seem like a hard question to answer, there are Global Games Market Reports that indicate just how much this ever-popular and constantly evolving industry is worth on a global scale.

In April 2017, Newzoo released their latest update and it showed that as many as 2.2 billion gamers throughout the globe are actually expected to generate an incredible $108.9 billion in the year 2017, which is essentially an increase of $7.8 billion from the previous year.

The Breakdown

If we had to break it down and look at what the above figure is made of, we can see that digital game revenues will count for as much as $94.4 billion, which ultimately 87% of the entire global market.

The most lucrative segment, that has certainly made ways amongst players, is mobile as smartphone and tablet casino gaming have grown 19% year after year to reach a whopping $46.1 billion in revenue and claiming as much as 42% of the market.

This is actually expected to increase even more in the next few years, with the year 2020 also expected to see mobile taking over at least half of the market.

Predictions for 2017

Casino gaming activity has been centred around two regions that are considered vital in the revenue the industry generates, namely Las Vega and Macau.

This is because of the fact that billions of dollars are generated there each and every year, with new markets emerging and the industry transforming into something of a globalised operation.

For the most part, brick and mortar casinos dominate with regards to revenue; however, we have seen the incredible interest shown in the online world, so there is a big chance that this could change.

If we take a look at the UK and various parts of Europe, we can already see a fairly clear example of how much online casino gaming has dominated in terms of first choices for players.

Mobile Revenue on the Rise

Mobile gaming is expected to generate $46.1 billion during the year ahead and as much as $35.3 billion is said to come from gaming on smartphones and just $10.8 billion.

This is a fairly clear indication to the fact that tablet sales have appeared to plummet over the past couple of years, however, with as many 280 million tablets actively used around the world, the segment’s contribution to success is not going to fade anytime soon.