Online vs. Real Casino Etiquette

Online vs. Real Casino Etiquette

Basically everywhere a person goes there is an etiquette that dictates how a person should and shouldn’t behave. Sometimes this etiquette is well known, and perhaps even posted on the walls, other times it is a sort of unspoken etiquette. For example; smoking in public restaurants is made clear via large non-smoking signs, while talking loudly on ones phone in a cinema would be an unspoken, but pretty obvious etiquette.

Most tend to follow etiquette just out of respect for other people, and it all more or less works out well. And, if a person does not know the etiquette, they generally tend to learn it and follow it quickly, so as not to make life less pleasant for those around them.

Interestingly, even the online world has an etiquette, which is interesting given that the digital world has not even been around for very long. Most follow the etiquette, and everyone more or less gets on well, for the most part. In online casinos, for example, especially where multiplayer games are concerned, the majority make sure as to not annoy or frustrate other players.

Let’s take a look at real world casino etiquette, versus online casino etiquette.

Real World Casinos

As far as etiquette goes, there is a great deal more of it at real world casinos. This makes sense, of course, given that in real world locations, people are expected to be more considerate of those around them.

In the vast majority of real world casinos, smoking is banned, but for a few dedicated smoking rooms. This is not so much etiquette as it is the law, and people are required to enter a smoking room to smoke, or else can face very steep fines, or even jail time.

The more unspoken etiquette takes place at the gambling tables, where a person may not get arrested or fined, but may well get dirty looks if not following the unspoken rules. For example; when a person makes a big win at a game, such as roulette for example, it is etiquette to tip the croupier. Most do it simply because they are thrilled at making a big win, but it certainly isn’t a written in stone requirement. The croupier wouldn’t make a comment about it, either. It’s just something people do out of politeness.

Another unspoken real world casino rule concerns the dress code, which in most cases is smart-casual. Many dress smart-casual simply because it seems like the correct attire, and so fits under the unspoken etiquette category. After all, who goes to a casino in shorts and sandals?

Online Casinos

As already said, there are not nearly as many etiquette rules in online casinos as there are in real world casinos. So, if you feel like kicking back in your underwear, playing a few casino games, and smoking a pack of cigarettes while you do so, an online casino is the place to be. Your housemates may not be thrilled about it, but the unspoken etiquette of your household is something else entirely.

In fact, you may also play online casino games while dressed in your Sunday best, drinking fine champagne and puffing a luxury cigar. Hey, it’s your home, your rules, who is to say it isn’t allowed? Again, this is exactly what makes online casinos so great in the first place.

There is, however, some etiquette in online casinos, but mostly in terms of the live dealer games. Single player roulette, or online slot games, really don’t have any unspoken rules. But as far as live games go, or games with chatrooms, there are a few basic things that should be kept in mind.

Online Etiquette to Observe

The first is that a person should play in their given time, as quickly as is possible. In online poker there is a set amount of time that a person has to make their move, but letting that clock run out every turn can get frustrating for the other players. People are there to play poker, after all, not watch a clock ticking down. So, decide on your move before it is your turn to play, and try not to waste time.

Live online games and bingo games also tend to have chat windows, in which a person can communicate with the other players. Many players like to chat while they are playing, which can make the game a great deal more social and entertaining. But it certainly isn’t a good idea to use this chatting window to vent anger at the other players. Chat windows are for pleasant social interactions, and not for anything else beyond that. It may feel good venting at another player about a big loss, but keep in mind that the other player probably wont think much of it.

And as far as online live casino games go, that’s all there is to keep in mind. A person can still play in their underwear or Sunday best, though, that option remains open.