Online Winners Who’ve Entered The Record Books

The online casino industry has been around for more than two decades, and during this time a huge number of winners have emerged. Of course, some wins are bigger than others, and these always deserve a mention.

These big wins occur mostly due to the progressive jackpot systems utilised by casinos, both real world and online, which take a small amount of every bet made from a network of slot games and add it to a prize pool. These prize pools build up over time, eventually creating a jackpot that can be astronomical in size, and sooner or later someone will have to win this jackpot amount.

A win can occur just weeks after the progressive jackpot has been set into motion, or sometimes it can take as long as a few years to payout. When someone does eventually claim the running jackpots, however, it is more often then not an event that goes into the history books. Or an event that makes news headlines at the very least.

Twenty Five Cent Millionaires

The biggest real world casino jackpot is a staggering thirty four million dollars, which was won in Las Vegas, the United States. The biggest online jackpot is a slightly more modest seventeen million Euros, or twenty four million dollars, and is the biggest online jackpot listed in the current record books.

The winner of this enormous jackpot was a man from Scandinavia, who chose to keep his identity a secret. While playing at a Scandinavian based online casino called PAF, he bet just twenty-five cents on a game titled Mega Fortune, run by the well-known slot game company Net Entertainment. The twenty-five cent bet got him a shot at the Mega Fortune bonus game, which in turn won him the progressive jackpot. There truly is no better definition of luck than becoming an instant millionaire from a twenty-five cent bet.

A Fortunate Win

The second biggest online casino win was by a man in Norway, and it also happened to occur on the online slot game titled Mega Fortune. This win, a slightly more modest €11.7 million, was the first to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, after being dethroned by the win in Scandinavia. The Norwegian man also decided to remain anonymous, and made only one statement to the press, saying that he would take a break before deciding how he should spend the money.

Online Instant Fortunes

Record online jackpot wins in third, fourth and fifth place were not on the Mega Fortune online slot game, for all those hoping to capitalise on a trend and set off after their own fortunes. All were, however, as the result of a progressive jackpot system.

The third place biggest win was on the Hall of Gods slot game, the fourth place winner on the Mega Moolah slot game, and fifth place on the Gold Rally slot game. All the winners have decided to stay anonymous, and who can blame them?

What is very interesting is that Gold Rally paid out two jackpot wins in a single week, just a few days apart from each other. The first was a jackpot of six million dollars, and the second a jackpot of two hundred thousand dollars – considerably less, since the jackpot did not have much time to gather funds. This goes to highlight the complete unpredictability of the progressive jackpot system, and also puts Gold Rally in the history books as the only casino game ever to pay out two jackpots in just one week.

If it’s a big win you’re after, progressive jackpot games are clearly the ones to play, and you never know when you might make it into the record books!