What to Pack for Las Vegas

What to Pack for Las Vegas

Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and while Casino Época provides you with a great online casino experience, there is nothing quite like visiting Sin City. The bright lights, vibrant nightlife, themed hotels and 24 hour casinos make Vegas the entertainment hub of the world.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to this amazing place, Casino Época can help you out, by telling you what to pack!

Weather Considerations

Pack as far in advance as possible so that you will have time to make any purchases. It is important to consider the weather. While Vegas is situated in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, it may not be scorching hot all year round. This doesn’t mean you will need snow boots and bulky parkas but consider a light cardigan or jacket and thicker slacks for the cooler months and for endless hours in the air-conditioned casinos.

Keep it Casual

Casual attire is widely acceptable and worn by many visitors for morning, afternoon and even evening excursions including dining and shows. There is no need to over pack so consider a couple of skirts or trousers along with three or four blouses or shirts.

It gets very hot in Vegas and if your daytime fun will be spent outdoors or relaxing by any of the pools that Vegas casinos have, then bathing suits are a must. Shorts, summer dresses and wide brimmed hats should be included.

Pack a Party Dress

Dressing up is not necessary but do pack at least one fancy outfit. A cocktail dress or dinner jacket will suffice and keep you prepared for a night out on the town at a gourmet restaurant or fancy nightclub.

Comfort is Key

It is important to pack as little as possible but a regular pair of shoes along with comfortable shoes for walking and sandals should be enough for your Vegas trip. Take only the required amount of underwear and pyjamas.

Pack Light

Many hotels supply items such as hair dryers and curlers but find out if your hotel does first before packing unnecessary items. Travel size cosmetics and bathing products help keep your luggage as light as possible and saves you space. Don’t forget any medication that is needed and do pack sunscreen.

Remember the Essentials

Sunglasses, camera, batteries, mobile chargers and converters for foreign visitors should be packed in carry-on luggage and kept safe. These types of items will be very expensive in Vegas so do make sure you have all you need.