Quick Tips For Sic Bo Beginners

Playing Sic Bo (pronounced: see bo) is enormous fun – most probably thanks to the fact that the game lends itself to an eclectic variety of betting combinations, and yet in essence remains enjoyably simple.  Sic Bo is enjoyed in equal measure by newbie’s and old hands alike – with some playing for fun and others enjoying the game from a more strategic point of view.  Whatever soothes your soul; there are a number of great quick tips for Sic Bo beginners.

Beating The Odds

Whether you’re the ultimate Wizard of Odds or a Jumpy “Freshman” Jack – you will have come across the matter of Odds at some point.   Especially when just starting out, it can be a real boost of confidence to join in the play at Sic Bo tables offering better-than-usual odds.  The odds will be displayed somewhere on the Sic Bo table – now that you know that it’s there, you should have no trouble locating it.    This applies to online Sic Bo tables too.

Off To A Head Start

Online casinos are constantly looking to best one another in terms of the special promotions on offer.  Keep your eyes peeled for great special promotions – what better way to get started than shopping around for the best possible product at the best possible price?  No marketing campaign has ever reaped any benefits from being coy – promotions are generally displayed in a manner that is larger-than-life and as such it’s not very difficult to establish which of these will outshine all the rest in terms of generosity.

Three Is A Crowd

Protecting your bankroll is key.  As such, avoid extravagant bets when just starting out.  The most extravagant option in Sic Bo is probably the triple.  The success of the triple relies on a correct prediction of one pre-determined number coming up on all three dice during a single throw.  A triple bet is worth 180:1 – but the risk behind this type of bet knows no bounds.  Triple bets should be saved for those times when you can afford to make additional bets – rather than a triple being your main bet.

The Champions: Small & Big Bets

There are two sound bets in Sic Bo: small bets and big bets.  Going it steady with these will see you winning at least of the time spent playing.  The payout may be lower than the more exotic bets, but you will hardly ever walk away empty-handed.