Rock your Way to Big Wins with Electric Diva Online Slot

If you’re a sci-fi fan, a music fan, or just a fan of hard-core chicks with epic guitar skills then you’re going to love Microgaming’s new slot. Electric Diva, which was just released in July and is only available for desktop, incorporates elements of science fiction, horror, aliens and power metal to transport the player to an alternate world where humanity’s last hope lies on the fret board of a stunningly beautiful yet undeniably deadly guitar-playing diva.

Welcome to Spark City, the sprawling, dark, seedy metropolis in which this edgy and mysterious game is set. Soaked in a mixture of dark blues and creepy shadows being cast by an ominous full moon, Spark City certainly isn’t your average bustling city. In fact, if it weren’t for all of the lit windows in the endless landscape of skyscrapers, we wouldn’t be sure there’s anyone living in this city at all!

Horror Meets Outer Space

When we first saw this slot, we weren’t sure if our heroine would be battling the forces of darkness or a robotic super army from a billion light years away. We were pleasantly surprised to find Microgaming has effectively taking two genres, horror and science fiction, and skilfully blended them into a type of hybrid genre. What shall we call it? Perhaps sci-horror is an appropriate name!

Though not as common in slots, science fiction horror has seen plenty of success on the big and small screen over the last few decades. The Alien franchise for instance, which started in nineteen seventy nine, has seen multiple sequels and is scheduled for yet another movie release over thirty years later. The same can be said for the predator series, which blends elements of the horror genre with that of science fiction.

Alien abduction movies have also proved to be wildly popular. What could be more terrifying that being plucked from a bed and transported to a nightmarish lab where horrendous experiments are carried out? We sure can’t think of anything! Lucky for us, the rocking diva with the rad electric guitars is here to keep that from happening. Did we mention that her guitars turn into lasers? Apparently epic power metal isn’t enough to scare away a determined alien invasion force, so the Diva has to resort to more conventional methods. When in doubt, bring more firepower!

Winning the War

This five reel and forty payline setup is a classic from Microgaming and works perfectly for this slot. Thought there might not be a progressive jackpot, Electric Diva makes up for it with tons of extra bonus features that the player is sure to enjoy.

Keep your eyes out for our hero, the electric diva, because she serves as the wild in this slot and the wild is one of the keys to unlocking big wins. She can be substituted for any winning symbol on a payline! You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the invading aliens symbol as it acts as an additional bonus symbol. If you manage to get three of them, you’ll kick off a bonus feature that will drop a cash prize.

This is all well and good, but probably the biggest bonus feature of this slot is the free spins. “How many free spins,” you might ask. Up to a total of forty free spins if you’re lucky enough! What’s more is it comes with up to an eight times multiplier. You must simply land at least three guitar scatter symbols to kick things off.

Are your fingers ready to crank out some killer licks? Save the world with the power of rock and roll with Electric Diva!