Sic Bo Strategies and Betting Systems

One of the advantages of playing casino games online is being able to access and play the widest range of games from all over the world. This is how most people are introduced to the game of Sic Bo. Dating back to ancient China, Sic Bo or Tai Sai is a casino table game where players bet on the outcome of a roll of three dice.

While the game is fairly simple in itself, the number of betting options makes it one of the most unique and exciting games at any casino. Casino Época takes an in-depth look at this exciting game and the various betting strategies that can be used to improve your chances of walking away a winner.

Sic Bo Basics

Before we look at the various betting strategies, let’s take a look at how the game works. A game of online Sic Bo consists of a single betting table marked out with various bets. At the bottom of the screen is where the player’s chips are located and on the right of the screen is a digital display showing the previous 10 numbers that have been thrown.

At the top right of the screen are the three dice sitting inside a cup. In terms of betting, Sic Bo is similar to roulette in that it is a game where you have the option of placing low risk or high risk bets. Players can also choose to place multiple bets on each round.

A game of online Sic Bo begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by clicking on the virtual chips at the bottom of the screen and placing them on one of the betting areas on the table. Like roulette, in Sic Bo all the bets are placed beforehand and once the table is complete, the dealer will shake out the dice to determine the winning numbers.

For first time players, the easiest bets to place are the big or small bets. This is where the total of the three dice are split into low numbers (small) and high numbers (big). Small numbers include the numbers 4-10 and the big numbers include the numbers 11-17.

Low Risk  and High Risk Bets

With big or small bets, a correct bet will pay out 1:1. However, a player can lose their bet if the dice lands on a triple such as 222 or 444. In Sic Bo, players can also place a bet on whether a specific number will face up on the dice once they have been rolled onto the table. On the table this is a visual representation of the dice face. Each number from one to six can be wagered on. Any bet on numbers one and two pay out 1:1 while three and four pay out 2:1 (on two dice) and five and six pay out 3:1 (on two dice). If you want to step up the betting for a higher payout, you can place a bet on a specific double that will pay out 10:1. The highest paying bet in Sic Bo is a bet on specific triple which will pay out a massive 180:1.

Betting Strategies

As with roulette, Sic Bo has inspired a number of betting strategies for minimising your losses and maximising your profits. One of the more popular betting systems for Sic bo is the d’Alembert system. Invented by a French Mathematician, the d’Alembert system is based on the theory that over time the outcome of a set bet will come out to an even number of wins and losses. As such the system uses a form of negative progression. This means that every time you lose your bet, you increase the bet amount by one unit and every time you win a bet, you decrease your bet amount by one unit.

The Labouchere System

Another popular betting system is the Labouchere system. This betting strategy also works with the concept of negative progression. With this system, players start out with a set goal or amount that they would like to get out at the end of the night. For example, if you are wanting to get out 100 chips at the end of play, you first need to break down your bets into smaller increments such as 30, 25, 10, 15 and 20.

You can even use smaller increments if you want to make up your total of 100. Once you have your list of numbers, you start the betting by adding the first and last numbers which in our list is 30 and 20 making up a total bet of 50. Then cross the numbers off your list. If your bet of 50 chips wins, you can continue with the rest of the numbers crossing them off as you go. If your bet loses, add the bet of 50 to the end of the list.