Simple Ways to Split the Bill

As technology develops and evolves, one of the key trends that we note is that life just keeps getting smoother and easier. And one of the top ways that it happens is with smartphone apps. With almost everything you need to do these days there is, as they say, an app for that!

Splitting bills and sharing payments is no different. Once upon a time we had to just keep written lists of who owed what, and then a little later we could at least input all the data into a spreadsheet. But now, thanks to some fantastic apps, sharing all kinds of payments is simpler than ever. They work so well that there might even be something similar used at online casinos for deposits and withdrawals one day.

Our Favourite Shared Payment Apps

When you start looking for a headache-free payment app, you’ll notice just how many of them there are. Look at our list of favourites first, and start with these, but feel free to try out others too. Just make sure they’re trustworthy and have gotten favourable reviews!

  • Splitwise is the payment sharing app most people know, and it’s great if you often share expenses with the same people. The app keeps a running total of who owes what, for different events or items. When you’re ready to settle, all you need to do is make a simple PayPal transfer.
  • Divvy is perfect if you’re dividing up a specific bill. You don’t even have to type anything; just take a picture of your receipt and drag each item to the individual who will be paying. Tax and tip are automatically added too.
  • Billr will really simplify eating out with friends. Use the app to work out what everyone owes for individual items and shared things like wine. Like Divvy, tax and tip are automatically added and Billr even emails or texts a copy of the bill to everyone.
  • Bank of Me is perfect for the friend that you often pay for, who then covers you for whatever comes next so that things come out “even”. Keeping track ensures that this is so, and Bank of Me lets you do it with currencies that you make up to keep things fun and personal.
  • Venmo is a tactful way to remind friends of what they owe you, if you happened to be the one who footed the bill for something like group concert tickets and are waiting for people to pay you back. The app sends requests and then allows people to pay.

Staying Vigilant is Important

As always, unfortunately, we live in a world where cybercrime is real and we all have to stay aware of this. Popular Dutch app Tikkie was recently used to scam people trying to sell things on the online marketplace, Marketplaats. Fraudsters would message people to say they wanted to buy what they were offering, but that they had been burned in the past and wanted to see a eurocent transfer as proof that everything was above-board.

Unsuspecting sellers would oblige, and in the process all their Internet banking details were accessed. Such scams are sophisticated and always evolving. Keeping up is difficult, but if you stay alert enough you should be able to spot when something is off. In the case of the Tikkie incident, the first “I” in the name had been changed to a upper-case “l” in the URL, so that it read “TIkkie”. And of course, if you ever have an intuition that anything is wrong, pull the plug on the deal immediately. Shared payment apps should make life easier, and in general, they do!

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